AEC leaders of the pack

Millennium Park's Great Lawn plays host to 7000 people for events at the Priszker Pavilion, designed by Frank Gehry. This project was a combination of the Public Building Commission of Chicago and URS expertise.

Does your city use AEC firms to complete public works projects? The vast majority of survey respondents use AEC firms in some aspect of their public works jobs. The most respondents were from the Midwest (27%) and were from towns with a population of fewer than 50,000 people (43%).

What types of public works projects did the AEC firm complete for your department? Of the projects that public works departments had to complete in 2004, the vast majority were road and bridge projects. According to the survey, most departments (28%) completed six to 10 projects last year, with or without the help of an AEC firm.

At what level did the AEC firms you hired work on public works projects? As shown in the survey, three-fourths of public works departments do not have any architects on staff, and only 19% have one to five architects on staff. No wonder so many departments turn to AEC firms to design their projects.

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