A ship-shape shop

In addition to public works vehicles, Sam Lamerato, superintendent of fleet maintenance in Troy, Mich., maintains police fleets from his own city as well as from other Detroit suburbs. Photo: City of Troy

Where do in-sourcing customers come from? Of the nearly 900 people who responded to an exclusive survey, most answered that maintaining other city departments' fleets was on the top of the list These fleets might include fire, police, or other maintenance vehicles. Source; PUBLIC WORKS

Why don't you do in-sourcing? Many fleet maintenance departments are stretched too thin to be able to do any kind of in-sourcing. Most respondents (70%) who do in-sourcing charge time and materials costs for their work. Source: PUBLIC WORKS

Charlie Caudill (right), fleet manager, and Oliel Gonzalez, fleet maintenance supervisor in Yuma, Ariz., in-source some fleet maintenance work to help balance the budget. Photo: City of Yuma

David Higgins, director of fleet maintenance Boston's Central Fleet Maintenance division, does all equipment tracking electronically. Photo: City of Boston

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