A community works to create a garden

The historic community of Shrewsbury Borough is home to the thriving Shrewsbury Community Garden.

There are 80 plots behind the 8-foot fence that keeps deer and burrowing rodents out of the space.

The Shrewsbury Community Garden continues to be the envy of surrounding neighborhoods.

The city's public works department freely distributed mulch to the site from the DPW's own recycling site.


The DPW prepared the site for the community garden.

The DPW was in regular contact with the garden administration and always willing to lend assistance when needed.

With all plots assigned, the Shrewsbury Community Garden is flourishing for a third year in a row.

At least 30 families are already reaping what they've sown in the garden.

Shrewsbury, N.J. residents enjoy the benefits of a community garden.

Member fees of $25 annually help maintain and replace hoses and buy common garden tools.

Several public works employees grow vegetables for their own homes as well as the local food bank through Plant a row for the Hungry.

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