2015 Public Works Top Projects

1) The plug that held back a flood - A water and sewer utility takes a novel approach to preparing a sewer pipe for rehabilitation.

2) Culvert replacement “is all good” - A rural road department that maintains 5,000 bridges and culverts maximizes taxpayer dollars.

3) Cutting a big job down to size - Simple, effective solution keeps unexpected grade changes from blowing completion deadline on $1.6 billion road reconstruction.

4) 2015 Award-Winning Public Works Projects - The American Public Works Association (APWA) Public Works Projects of the Year awards recognizes the alliance between the managing agency, the contractor, the consultant, and their cooperative achievements.

5) Stylish solution - Tony D.C. neighborhood receives plan for upscale streetscape.

6) Keepin’ it clean - A Louisiana water team restores its city’s system.

7) A smooth ride to the Rockies - Denver International Airport revives its critical thoroughfare with “green concrete.”

8) Small town makes big impact - For the first time in their history, Morristown, Vermont's highway road crew took on a road reconstruction project and saved taxpayers money by doing most of the work themselves.

9) Pervious concrete keeps pollutants at bay - To prevent contaminants from polluting the community's water, Ventura County's Public Work's Watershed Protection Agency designed an innovative approach that has changed the way we deal with environmental elements such as rain.

10) Building a memory that lasts - Thousands celebrate the unveiling of a new and improved war memorial.

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