2013 Year in Pictures

Snow & Ice Control More mothers of invention Stephanie Johnston January

Ivy-It can be placed on walls, fences, and most other places where graffiti is possible.

Pervious Pavement Density is our Destiny Jereme Montgomery and John Kevern March

Solid Waste Contracting a methane gas extraction system Jerry Soto Public Works Manual

Workzone Safety Let construction season begin Public Works Staff June

Granite's durability and aesthetics are why the city's parks department approved the material for many elements of a major renaissance project.

The corrugated metal was lined with four-part steel rings, each 18 inches wide, which were then sprayed with high-strength cementitious grout for a smooth, watertight finish.

Electrician Kevin Norris hauls his maintenance tools to the jobsite.

The Debris Task Force conducts an assessment after an EF-5 tornado struck Joplin, Mo.

During pullback, 10-foot joints of CertainTeed CertaFlo GreenLine integral bell PVC sewer pipes were loaded into the receiving pit and connected to the moving pipe string. The shorter pipe joints were beneficial, as they allowed smaller pit sizes and saved money.

National Public Works Week, Administration & Management, Public Outreach Takin’ it to the streets Kelley Lindsey May

The Reno-Stead Wastewater Treatment Plant's 2 mgd aertion basins provide biological treatment to remove organic and total nitrogen loads.

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