12 can't miss projects from 2014

A river runs through it – West Valley City, Utah

The gateway will be a featured portion of the regional Park to Playa Trail that connects the eastern and western ridgelines of the Baldwin Hills and continues seven miles all the way to the Ballona Creek, wetlands and Santa Monica Bay.

A public works crew uses asphalt paving equipment to rebuild residential streets using roller-compacted concrete (RCC), a process they’ve perfected over the last five years.

Supporting Roles – San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

The city's public works department freely distributed mulch to the site from the DPW's own recycling site.

All the dirt on soil recovery – Fort Collins, Colo.

Super sludge-slingers — Robert F. Reeves Water Reclamation Facility in Bloomingdale, Ill.

When the sun goes down, photovoltaic sensors control the LED lights (provided by LEDtronics) inside the sculptures, causing them to glow from within.

Benching down in progress. The top 27 feet were excavated in three staggered headings. Once the roof was secured, the remaining 38 vertical feet were excavated down in four 10-foot high, full-width benches. The white reflectors are convergence monitoring points.

Tower Bridge (London, UK)

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