The uses and benefits of pervious pavement—featured in the construction of this walkway—will take, center stage at a forum in Nashville, May 24–25.

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association is producing an annual series of concrete technology forums that will cover topical subjects for practitioners and users. The first session—“Focus on Pervious Concrete”—is scheduled May 24–25 in Nashville.

The forum will bring researchers and practitioners together to discuss the latest advances, technical knowledge, continuing research, tools, and solutions emerging in a concrete construction industry characterized by rapid growth and innovation. Pervious concrete allows rainwater to percolate through it. When used for parking areas, streets, or plazas, it minimizes stormwater runoff to surrounding streams and lakes, allowing natural filtration to recharge local groundwater supplies. Pervious concrete can reduce the need for stormwater drainage and wet pond detention/retention systems, permitting more effective land use. Although pervious concrete has been used in some areas for decades, recent interest in green building and recognition of pervious pavements by the U.S. EPA as a best management practice has heightened interest throughout North America.

Other sponsors for the 2006 forum include Hanley Wood's PUBLIC WORKS, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, and THE CONCRETE PRODUCER magazines; Degussa Admixtures Inc.; and SI Concrete Systems. Organizational partners include the American Concrete Institute, American Concrete Pavement Association, American Society of Concrete Contractors, Construction Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Middle Tennessee State University, Portland Cement Association, Southeast Cement Association, and Tennessee Concrete Association.

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