Traffic signal operations need a great deal more funding according to the National Traffic Signal Report Card, which ranked current signal operation at D-. Photo: Pam Broviak

The National Transportation Operations Coalition—an alliance of national associations, practitioners, and private-sector groups involved in transportation operations, planning, and public safety—has released the National Traffic Signal Report Card, which gave traffic signal operations a score of D-. According to the report, the grade highlights a need for increased investment for traffic signal operations.

The findings related that in many instances, traffic signal timing is not coordinated and sensors are broken. Many local agencies do not have adequate funding to review traffic signal operations and make the necessary repairs. An investment as little as $4 per vehicle each year (or 1% of state, local, and federal highway transportation funds) will yield shorter commute times, improved air quality, better fuel efficiency, and happier drivers.

“With increased demands on and limited resources for our transportation systems, public agencies struggle to maintain efficient transportation systems and reduce congestion,” said Tom Trice, American Public Works Association president and deputy city manager of Royal Oak, Mich. “Allocating funding to improve traffic signal timing is a good investment and benefits will be realized immediately.”

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