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  • Ultra-rugged android tablet from Handheld

    Handheld Group, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, today announced the launch of its new Android tablet, the ALGIZ RT7. The ALGIZ RT7 is a powerful, lightweight and ergonomic 7-inch tablet designed for reliable performance in demanding environments, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset...

  • The new Lifter Plus from Rock Mills

    The Lifter safely and efficiently removes manhole covers and drainage grates. In most cases, removing covers and grates is as simple as pushing a button on a remote control.

  • Confined Space Ventilation Blowers from General Equipment Co.

    General Equipment Company introduces the EP16ACP axial-flow confined space ventilation blower. Compared to other models of axial-flow blowers from General Equipment, this new unit is larger with a 16-inch diameter inlet/outlet and delivers greater airflow.

  • FiberSPAN Cantilever Sidewalk from Composite Advantage

    Design flexibility means FiberSPAN can work with any superstructure configuration and incorporate features like skews, curbs and drain scuppers. Non-slip surface decks are available in a range of sizes, shapes and depths as well as different strength and stiffness properties. Lighter weight means...

  • Sewer Repair System from Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc

    Infrastructure Mainline Point Repair System is the cost effective, permanent solution for aging sewer systems. A leaking joint or even a missing piece of pipe is not a reason to line the whole pipe. Eliminate the problems and save with each point repair.

  • Multi-tank trailers from Thunder Creek

    Thunder Creek Equipment‘s all-new Multi-Tank Trailers (MTT) are the first fuel and service trailers designed to legally transport bulk diesel on the road without requiring drivers to maintain a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement.

  • New snow blade for Airport applications from Schuyler Rubber Co.

    Schuyler Rubber Company, launches its new durable snow blades, the 911SP withstands repetitive use with minimal risk of damage to airport lighting, signage and surfaces on runways and taxiways.

  • New lane control spinner chute from Buyers Products

    The lane control spinner chute reduces ground water contamination, by aiming the spread pattern exactly where it is needed and saves fuel by providing more efficient road coverage.

  • New no-hassle hose on vacuum excavator from McLaughlin

    McLaughlin will introduce the next generation of its most popular vacuum excavator with an update that includes a no-hassle hose design that will help save crews time and energy.

  • Rubber flapper swing check valve from Flowmatic

    For standard or critical applications Flomatic swing check valves offer a wide range of convenience, performance and safety options. Full opening designs minimize pressure drop across the valve.

  • Thermoplastic pump from VANTON

    Plant services personnel and pump specifying engineers responsible for handling corrosive, abrasive and other aggressive fluids can now use CHEM-GARD CGA thermoplastic pumps which are inert to such liquids and thereby provide longer service life than metallic or fiberglass pumps.

  • Mobile Odor Control System From Dust Control Technology

    A global innovator in industrial odor control technology has announced a new heated model in its lineup of mobile equipment engineered to manage outdoor odor vapor from landfills, waste treatment facilities and other operations that experience cold weather.

  • Compact Utility Loader from Toro

    Strongest-in-class compact utility loader is ideal for a variety of applications.

  • Coating and internal lining for water storage tanks

    LiquaTile 1172 From Wolverine Coatings Corp Is A Game Changing Coating /Internal Lining Product For Sensitive Environments.

  • Project Collaboration Software from Planview

    Planview is announcing the launch of new workload management capabilities for its enterprise project collaboration solution, Projectplace Enterprise

  • Sewage Basin Option from Franklin Electric

    The Little Giant Pit+Plus Basin is an advanced, installation and service-friendly sewage basin option for plumbing contractors.

  • New series centrifugal pumps from Gorman-Rupp

    Gorman-Rupp, pump manufacturer of Mansfield, Ohio introduces a new line of horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps.

  • DuraTech 9’ MAX Web Self-Retracting Device

    Dual energy absorbing system delivers maximum capacity and below D-ring tie-off.

  • Dura-Ink WashAway jobsite marker from Markal

    Dry-fast formula is easily removed from non-porous surfaces and doesn’t damage primers, paints, or powder coating.

  • Turf Rescue soil amendment from Agromin and Cool Planet

    Retains water and nutrients at the grass root zone so public parks, golf courses, and other grassy areas use less water.


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