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  • The HYMAX Clamp repairs holes and cracks in water and wastewater pipes

    Krausz USA introduced its HYMAX Clamp which quickly and easily repairs holes and longitudinal cracks in water and wastewater pipes. With only two bolts to tighten length sizes up to 12”, installation is simple and minimizes worker-time in the ditch.

  • Surface planer from General Equipment Company

    Providing high speed and accurate surface preparation, General Equipment Company’s new SP8/GH9HP surface planer is ideal for a wide range of job applications, including milling misaligned sidewalks and joints, removing thermo and cold plastic markings and prepping floors for new coating...

  • New line of hydraulic compactors

    Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment (CP) has launched a new generation of hydraulic compactors, designed with added features and options.

  • Atlas Copco's Dynapac compact tracked paver

    Atlas Copco’s compact Dynapac F1200C asphalt paver excels on a wide range of paving projects — from cycle paths, sidewalks, repair work, parking garages and sports fields.

  • GIS-centric smart wastewater and stormwater modeling

    Innovyze, a provider of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, announced the V14.5 generation of InfoSWMM for ArcGIS.

  • PipeMinder pressure monitor from Syrinix

    The Southern Nevada Water Authority and East Bay Municipal Utility District in California are using this compact unit to lower costs associated with water main breaks.

  • Carusol liquid permanganate from Carus Corp.

    Oxidant used to treat water and wastewater is now certified by Kiwa, an international organization formed in 1948 to boost the quality of drinking water products.

  • Sample management made easy

    AQUARIUS Samples streamlines the production and management of environmental lab and field sample data, saving time while increasing the quality of final data.

  • Zetasizer WT raw water analyzer from Malvern Instruments

    Electrophoretic light-scattering technology enables real-time monitoring of flocculation process performance and efficient charge neutralization.

  • Brush cutter tractor

    The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor continues to expand its usage into and applications including land clearing and site prep, invasive vegetation species management, storm damage removal and clean up, wildfire management and seismic mapping operations.

  • C900-RJIB Certa-Lok with Fluid-Tite gasket from North American Pipe

    Formerly owned by Certainteed this snap-together PVC pipe is for pressurized water systems as well as sewers.

  • Vacuum excavator from Vactor Manufacturing

    Vactor Manufacturing, introduced the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm vacuum excavator for utility, municipal and contractor customers.

  • Three disinfection sensors from s::can Measuring Systems LLC

    Measure tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid in drinking water regardless of water temperature and flow.

  • 800 Series surge suppressor from JCM Industries

    Water hammer can cause a weak pipe that’s under pressure to break when a valve’s shut off. This one-size-fits-all device acts as a shock absorber.

  • BlueLine pressure pipe rehabilitation from RS Technik

    Cured-in-place (CIPP) system for potable water mains and other pressurized water systems. A flexible tube impregnated with a thermosetting epoxy resin is installed into the defective pipe and cured to seal leaks.

  • Scotchkote 2400 Pipe Renewal Liner from 3M

    Cured-in-place rehabilitation for pressure pipes? Yes, it can be done. Water utilities in Bangor, Maine; Oswego, N.Y.; and Minnesota have used this trenchless product.

  • Online application marketplace for water utilities

    FATHOM Water Management, Inc. a software-as-a-service provider for water utilities, today announced the launch of the FATHOM Store, an online marketplace designed to enable simple, fast and risk-free adoption of new technologies for water utilities.

  • 9210p TOC analyzer from OI Analytical Xylem

    “Online” unit gives water and wastewater operators real-time information on natural organic matter (NOM) levels in influent and effluent streams so they can more precisely control coagulation, flocculation, and the formation of disinfection byproducts.

  • Pipe crawlers from Deep Trekker

    At $10,000, this portable inspection tool is designed specifically for municipalities. Instead of a generator truck, this unit runs six to eight hours on a 1.5-hour charge. Put it in a pick-up truck and go.

  • VPS mini hydraulic excavator from Caterpillar

    Caterpillar has added the model 300.9D VPS (Versatile Power System) to the Cat range of mini-hydraulic excavators.


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