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  • Register: Coal Ash Management Forum

    You can sign up today for the National Waste & Recycling Association and The Environmental Research & Education Foundation's Coal Ash Management Forum.

  • Hydraulic Institute Hosts Three-Part Wastewater Webinar

    Join the Hydraulic Institute for this webinar series where attendees can will get in-depth guidelines for the selection of pumps used in typical aerobic wastewater treatment plans.

  • CH2M Selected as Design-Build Partner for Major Infrastructure Projects

    Houston, Texas and San Jose, California choose C2HM as the design-build partner for Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion and Cogeneration Facility Project respectively.

  • Got An Issue With Subsidence? No Problem!

    A Swedish city with 20,000 residents is slowly collapsing into an abandoned mine. A new documentary explains how engineers are working with the mine's owner to move the entire community out of harm's way.

  • America's 87,000 Dams Are A Damn Disgrace

    Built at the same time as many of the nation's highways, dams suffer from the same dynamic: They're too small for the communities that have grown up around them. That, plus more frequent and heavier rainstorms, could spell disaster for residents nationwide.

  • FHWA Streamlines Road Design Criteria

    The agency's pared down 13 "controlling criteria" to 10. Because only two apply to ALL National Highway System roads, smaller projects can deploy more quickly.

  • Looking For A New Job in Public Works?

    Look no further than the American Public Works Association's WorkZone Job Board. The organization supports the professionals who plan, build, maintain, and improve North American communities.

  • Guest Blog: White House Proposal Threatens Project Financing

    See if you can follow this: President Obama's proposed $4.1 trillion 2017 budget would tax the value of tax-exempt bonds at 28%. That translates to 28% less funding for public works projects financed by municipal bonds.

  • Report Suggests Workforce Development Programs for Millions of Infrastructure Jobs Opening Over Next Decade

    Million of infrastructure jobs are expected to open in the decade thanks to an aging workforce and turnover and workforce development programs could help to fill up those vacancies.

  • Apply by Aug. 1 for $25K in FREE Equipment Use

    This new program was developed to help offset the costs of building and/or repairing a critical piece of local infrastructure. Any public works project from the American Society of Civil Engineers' 16 Infrastructure Report Card categories is eligible.

  • Would You Prefer a Raise, Time Off, or Overtime Pay?

    That’s the choice for state and local governments under the updated Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If you regularly work more than 40 hours a week without additional pay, as a public-sector employee you’ll have several options for taking your additional compensation.

  • Final Rule on Overtime Extends Pay Protection to Millions

    President Obama and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez announced the publication of the final rule regarding overtime regulations, which will extend overtime pay protections to over 4 million Americans in the first year.

  • Become a Water Expert for Absolutely No Cost

    Anyone anywhere can earn a Watershed Management Training Certificate at any time, for free, by successfully completing 15 modules. Free archived webcasts in this rich online resource include case studies on lowering wastewater treatment plant nutrient levels and USDA's Conservation Effects...

  • Dam or Filter: What's Better for Water Quality?

    Not all best management practices (BMPs) for controlling sediment are created equal. This article explains how to select the most appropriate methodology for your agency's needs.

  • EVERY Week Should Be Public Works Week

    Happy National Public Works Week! The American Public Works Association launched this annual celebration in 1960. Not to be outdone, a coalition of business, labor, and policy-makers has launched Infrastructure Week. If infrastructure’s so important, why don’t more elected officials commit to...

  • Was Their Budget for Signage THAT Bad?!

    A New York mayor is accused of stealing more than 100 yield, stop, and other traffic signs from the state DOT and giving them to his city's street department.

  • Swamp School: Education for Future Wetland Managers

    Not Swamp Thing, but 'Wetland Entrepreneurial Training' on EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer rules, wetland delineation, and plant identification for current and future swamp managers.

  • The Skinny on EPA's Proposed Phase II Stormwater Rule

    A lawsuit settled late last year requires EPA to rethink and issue a final MS4 Phase II rule by Nov. 17. In addition to providing everything you need to know about what's happening and why, this webpage explains why water experts support a state choice (or hybrid) approach.

  • Comment on Stormwater Discharge Rule Changes by May 26

    EPA wants to make six major changes to the 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP) regulatory program and may propose six more changes. This article describes all 12.

  • NBC Surveyed 20 Biggest Cities to See How Schools Handle Lead Testing

    Lead in water is still a very serious topic nationwide and an NBC News survey reveals that very few school districts have actually met suggested standards.


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