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  • City's Plan to Stop Illegal Sewer Discharges Backfires

    We're not picking on Baltimore. Many cities with old infrastructure eventually face a similar either/or conundrum to meet consent decree requirements. This is an excellent example of how wastewater agencies get caught between a rock and a hard place.

  • One Man's Plan to Keep Asphalt Streets in Top Condition

    Public Works Superintendent Scott Bartlett doesn't take a worst-first approach to maintenance and repair. His team's pavement preservation toolkit includes eight resurfacing and recycling techniques.

  • Airports Ramp Up to Meet Future Demand

    With the Federal Aviation Administration expecting the number of airline passengers to grow 2% every year through 2035, facilities nationwide are spending billions on expansion projects.

  • FREE Government Guide to the Driverless Future

    This resource draws on extensive research to examine how driverless technology will affect how cities and counties plan, develop, and alter their transportation networks.

  • ANSI Approves Latest ALI Standard

    The latest ANSI safety standard will cover lift installation and service and will become effective June 15, 2016.

  • 5 Tips for Fixing Previously Sealed Asphalt Cracks

    Like painting, preparing to reseal asphalt concrete pavement takes time but makes the job a whole lot easier and last a whole lot longer. Extend service life at least seven years by following these rules of thumb.

  • Public Work and Infrastructure Caucus Announced by Titus and Costello

    In an effort to raise aware of the importance of public works services which are critical to the health and safety of every community, the bipartisan House Public Works and Infrastructure Caucus has been announced.

  • Traffic Signs Hacked to Read Various Messages

    "Trump is a shape shifting lizard," this is what a Dallas traffic sign was made to read after it was targeted by hackers.

  • Webinar: Optimize Your Parking Assets to Boost Revenue

    This On-Demand Webinar from Lorman Education Services will teach you how to effectively run a parking system in your community that considers revenue and customer service tradeoffs.

  • Xylem Awarded $1.9 Million Contract

    The City of Caldwell in Idaho hires Xylem to add advanced water filtration system to their existing water treatment facility.

  • EPA Updates 2 Drinking Water Health Advisories

    Consumer goods manufacturers don't use perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) anymore, but the toxins have been found in drinking water supplies in some areas of the country. EPA's set a health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion.

  • City's Nonworking Crosswalk Signals Endanger Pedestrians

    In an effort to rework traffic flow around the pedestrian's, rather than the driver's needs, Chicago phased out the buttons that pedestrians press to stop traffic. Meant to lower pedestrian deaths, the measure is instead making pedestrians more vulnerable.

  • Award-Winning Water Structures Deadline: July 31

    Did your water or sewer utility specify any Sherwin-Williams coatings last year? If so, show off your team's success by submitting the project to the company's new awards program.

  • Register: Coal Ash Management Forum

    You can sign up today for the National Waste & Recycling Association and The Environmental Research & Education Foundation's Coal Ash Management Forum.

  • Hydraulic Institute Hosts Three-Part Wastewater Webinar

    Join the Hydraulic Institute for this webinar series where attendees can will get in-depth guidelines for the selection of pumps used in typical aerobic wastewater treatment plans.

  • CH2M Selected as Design-Build Partner for Major Infrastructure Projects

    Houston, Texas and San Jose, California choose C2HM as the design-build partner for Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion and Cogeneration Facility Project respectively.

  • Got An Issue With Subsidence? No Problem!

    A Swedish city with 20,000 residents is slowly collapsing into an abandoned mine. A new documentary explains how engineers are working with the mine's owner to move the entire community out of harm's way.

  • America's 87,000 Dams Are A Damn Disgrace

    Built at the same time as many of the nation's highways, dams suffer from the same dynamic: They're too small for the communities that have grown up around them. That, plus more frequent and heavier rainstorms, could spell disaster for residents nationwide.

  • FHWA Streamlines Road Design Criteria

    The agency's pared down 13 "controlling criteria" to 10. Because only two apply to ALL National Highway System roads, smaller projects can deploy more quickly.

  • Looking For A New Job in Public Works?

    Look no further than the American Public Works Association's WorkZone Job Board. The organization supports the professionals who plan, build, maintain, and improve North American communities.


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