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  • Wanna Walk the Potable Show Floor With Me?

    The American Water Works Association brings its annual convention to Chicago Sun., June 19, through Wed., June 22. I’m going to be there...

  • Flint lead crisis fallout

    In the wake of Flint, customers are going to be less inclined than ever to believe anything your agency says to reassure them and correct...

  • Not-so-Happy Drinking Water Week?

    President Reagan signed the first National Drinking Water Week proclamation in 1988. Only one president since then has signed a similar...


Editor's Note

As Editor in Chief of Public Works, Stephanie Johnston directs the brand’s magazine, website, e-newsletters, and contributes to webcasts...


ADA Corner

  • Reasonable accomodation

    Determining an appropriate accommodation is a case-by-case decision. The principal test is effectiveness.

  • Sign language for children

    Efforts assure disabled children that they have value and are not forgotten. And people from all walks of life work toward a common goal...

  • Shared use paths

    The phrase “shared use path” can be confusing. Language straight from the guidelines may help.


ADA Corner

Michele S. Ohmes is an Americans with Disabilities Act specialist and wheelchair user who works with public works departments, facility...


The Works

  • Social Media Campaigns

    How to leverage free resources for your agency's online public outreach efforts.

  • Hosting online surveys and polls

    By leveraging online survey tools, public works departments can quickly and efficiently collect feedback from both citizens and employees.

  • Protecting your domain

    No agency wants citizens to visit their project website and find objectionable content. It's even worse if the agency is forced to allow it...


The Works

A former senior editor of PUBLIC WORKS, Pam Broviak publishes the Public Works Group Blog.


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