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  • John Deere extends warranty coverage

    With the recent launch of the new small frame G-Series skid steers and compact track loaders John Deere has extended the machine warranty on all Commercial Worksite Products, including compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, compact wheel loaders and compact excavators.

  • Flint lead crisis fallout

    In the wake of Flint, customers are going to be less inclined than ever to believe anything your agency says to reassure them and correct misperceptions.

  • Public Work and Infrastructure Caucus Announced by Titus and Costello

    In an effort to raise aware of the importance of public works services which are critical to the health and safety of every community, the bipartisan House Public Works and Infrastructure Caucus has been announced.

  • Lead regulation and transparency

    The public relations debacle surrounding tap water in Flint, Mich., is ushering in a new era of regulation and transparency. Here’s what’s likely to happen and how to prepare.

  • Isolation casings stand up to earthquakes

    Isolation casings ensure new connector ramps stay elevated during earthquakes.

  • Traffic Signs Hacked to Read Various Messages

    "Trump is a shape shifting lizard," this is what a Dallas traffic sign was made to read after it was targeted by hackers.

  • A better way to dredge

    Harnessing nature’s sustainable practices to replace mechanical dredging.

  • Webinar: Optimize Your Parking Assets to Boost Revenue

    This On-Demand Webinar from Lorman Education Services will teach you how to effectively run a parking system in your community that considers revenue and customer service tradeoffs.

  • Excavators help manage mosquitos

    Amphibious excavators simplify maintenance in and around sensitive wetland areas in Cape May County, N.J.

  • Manholes on the rise

    A deceptively simple way of managing manholes facilitates maintenance year-round for public works agencies in a Midwestern city.

  • Filming in your City

    What to expect when Hollywood wants to use your municipality as a film set.

  • Reasonable accomodation

    Determining an appropriate accommodation is a case-by-case decision. The principal test is effectiveness.

  • Xylem Awarded $1.9 Million Contract

    The City of Caldwell in Idaho hires Xylem to add advanced water filtration system to their existing water treatment facility.

  • Self-closing safety gates from Kee Safety

    OSHA-compliant Kee Gate self-closing safety gates provide permanent hazard protection for openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches, platforms, mezzanines, and restricted areas in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.

  • Legacy building awarded Game Change Project of the Year

    Legacy Building Solutions is proud to announce the Solar Ship Brantford off-grid hangar, a joint venture with Canadian Energy and Solar Ship Inc., has been awarded the “Game Changer Project of the Year” by Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). With the award for Solar PV Project, CanSIA...

  • Sewer cleaner wastewater recycling system

    The Camel 1200 sewer cleaner wastewater recycling system features a six-stage water filtration process that enables effective sewer cleaning action without the need for fresh water. This capability can translate into substantial water, time and money saves for municipalities and sewer contractors.

  • EPA Updates 2 Drinking Water Health Advisories

    Consumer goods manufacturers don't use perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) anymore, but the toxins have been found in drinking water supplies in some areas of the country. EPA's set a health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion.

  • City's Nonworking Crosswalk Signals Endanger Pedestrians

    In an effort to rework traffic flow around the pedestrian's, rather than the driver's needs, Chicago phased out the buttons that pedestrians press to stop traffic. Meant to lower pedestrian deaths, the measure is instead making pedestrians more vulnerable.

  • Award-Winning Water Structures Deadline: July 31

    Did your water or sewer utility specify any Sherwin-Williams coatings last year? If so, show off your team's success by submitting the project to the company's new awards program.

  • Register: Coal Ash Management Forum

    You can sign up today for the National Waste & Recycling Association and The Environmental Research & Education Foundation's Coal Ash Management Forum.


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