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  • Want More Vacation Time? Consider A Civil Engineering Career

    Jill Schlesinger looks at one important perk of any job: vacation time.

  • Drought-Stricken States Slow To Adopt Water-Efficient Plumbing Products, Study Says

    Despite the urgent need to save water, consumers and businesses in drought-stricken states have been slow to purchase and install water-efficient toil

  • Flexible Engineering Design for Infrastructure Projects

    For nearly 50 years, Richard de Neufville has been working on ways to plan, analyze and design complex engineering systems. A civil engineer by background, de Neufville's latest research focuses on a major paradigm shift in engineering in general.

  • The Real Reason American Public Transportation Is Such a Disaster

    Canada has twice as much transit as the US. Why?

  • Recycling organics

    With landfill space at a premium and communities loathe to approve new landfill sites, regulators want organic material recycled.

  • Street sweeping saves money

    You can clean streets and waterways by building new infrastructure or sweeping with the right machine at the right time. Here is how to decide which stormwater compliance option is cheaper for your municipality.

  • Street sweeping saves money: A design for every season

    Elgin Sweeper Co. in Elgin, Ill., holds the greatest market share in the U.S. These illustrations show how the three basic sweeping designs — mechanical broom, regenerative air, and vacuum pickup — work.

  • Energy-efficient lamp

    The lamp is suitable for fully enclosed fixtures. Available for a range of voltages and renewable (solar and wind) energy sources.

  • Truck-mounted asphalt patcher

    Manual control units help realize savings while offering from the ground in front of the truck.

  • Ride-on brush cutter

    Adjustable blade can be set to leave brush as high as 6 inches. Hydrostatic transmission and air-suspended seats reduce operator fatigue.

  • Sign post extractors

    The JackJaw’s jaw-and-lever mechanism enables a crew member to pull stakes and posts out of the ground without bending them or straining his back or shoulder.

  • Asset data collection

    Models include performance curves, treatments, triggers and decision trees, and treatment costs and budgets.

  • Safety zone barriers

    The Titan’s Flexi-Coupling clips enable the polypropylene stackable barrier to connect to other industry brands.

  • Versatile grader and pavement smoother

    Flatliner smoothing attachment levels bumps and other irregularities by shaving the pavement surface instead of impacting it.

  • Heavy equipment scales

    Scale systems’ easy-to-read, 7-inch color touchscreens display bucket load, target load, customer name, material, time of day, and more.

  • Grounds care machine

    The Multihog MH90 tool carrier accommodates flail-arm mowers, sweepers, snow plows, asphalt planers, and other attachments.

  • Salt spreader module

    Designed for simple installation and operation, the basic but effective system has nine programmable settings.

  • Heated hose crack sealer

    CrackPro oil-jacketed melters with heated hose provide ready-to-apply hot-pour crack sealing material within an hour and eliminate the need to flush for cleanup.

  • Electronic signage

    Multiphase capability that allows for multiple messages means Mobility LED blank out signs can be used for almost any application.

  • Environmentally friendly tree grates

    The ADA-compliant tree grates are easily expanded for future growth.


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