Street sweeper

The Pelican three-wheel broom sweeper has been enhanced for better visibility, easier operation, and simpler maintenance. The machine handles heavy, compacted dirt, bulky debris, and small particles. In addition, the isolation-mounted cab is roomier, more ergonomic, and provides better visibility than previous models. Elgin Sweeper, a subsidiary of Federal Signal.

Electrical cord reel

Cordpro manages electrical cords in any working environment. To use, feed the cord into the device, insert the plug end of the cord into the wall, place the tool anywhere, grab the opposite end, and unwind as desired. The remainder of the cord will remain contained, untangled, and ready for immediate use. BurkTek Inc.

Forward plate compactors

Consisting of eight models, the Silver Fox series of forward plate compactors offers 2200 to 5100 lbs. of compaction force. All models have a variety of engines to choose from and are used for jobs like sidewalks, foundations, landscaping, and asphalt patching and finishing. Features include a forward-mounted eccentric and 15-degree ramped leading edge; one-piece, self-cleaning base plate; and synchronized drive system. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.

Compact skidsteer

The 530X mini-skidsteer can handle more than 50 universal full-size attachments. Powered by a 30-hp gas engine and featuring a two-pump, 3000-psi, 14.5-gpm hydraulic system, the skidsteer's 9-inch wide tracks apply only 3.3 psi of ground pressure to minimize damage to existing lawns or landscapes. The integrated track system retracts from a fully extended 43½ inches to 35 inches, and the tracks are easily controlled by a joystick lever on the control panel. Compact Power Inc.

Lightweight pavement saw

The CX3 pavement saw weighs less than 120 lbs. The cast-aluminum frame is strong and durable, with folding handles so it can be easily lifting into a pickup truck. Powered by a 6.5-hp Honda or a 6-hp Robin Subaru engine, it features a 5.5-inch cutting depth using a 14-inch blade. The blade guard is hinged for cutting curbs. The guard also can be switched to the left side for specialty cutting. MK Diamond Products Inc.

Impact sockets

With a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance, these impact hex bit sockets are available in 3/8- and ½-inch drive, ranging from 1/8 to 5/8 inches in size. Made from 8650 steel and precision heat-treated to provide high strength and long life, the hex bits are secured by a setscrew in heavy-duty, screw-type holders. The sockets also are offered in seven-piece 3/8-inch drive and seven-piece ½-inch drive sets. Wright Tool.

Efficient drop hammer

Breaking concrete and asphalt slabs up to 18 inches thick, this drop hammer attachment is used with skidsteers, compact track loaders, and all-wheel steer loaders. Because the ground, rather than the machine, absorbs the impact, the hammer produces less stress on the machine and operator than hydraulic breakers. A 1140-lb. weight is lifted by a chain and drive motor. Upon reaching the top, it freefalls to break material at a rate of up to 20 bpm. Bobcat, an Ingersoll Rand Co.