Compact high-solids pump for confined areas

The Vertical pump has a compact, close-coupled design that fits into confined areas. The unit can be flange-mounted to closed tanks, or affixed to beams above open tanks. With its inlet submerged, the pump pulls fluid from the bottom of the tank and discharges at the surface for processing. It offers a flow range of 20 to 350 gallons per minute, pressures of up to 150 psi, and favorable performance in handling abrasives. Moyno Inc.

Rugged pumps

The BS-2740 stainless steel, submersible pump is highly resistant to corrosion. It can operate in a pH range from 2 to 10; ordinary pumps tolerate pH levels from 5 to 8. The product offers a slim 11-inch diameter, making it suitable for tight spaces, and in any job where the pH can fluctuate. The pump is rated at 9 hp. ITT Flygt Corp.

High-volume pumps

InstaPrime pumps can move up to 5000 gallons per minute and are suitable for sewer bypass, dewatering, and sludge applications. A screw-type impeller enables these pumps to offer higher flow than other units with the same horsepower. Each pump has a 15-gallon fuel tank, enabling it to run continuously for as long as 100 hours. In addition, all of the pumps can handle solids up to 3.6 inches. Multiquip Inc.

Axial, mixed-flow pumps

The company's pumps consist of a bowl assembly, outer column and discharge elbow, shaft and cover tube, floor plate, and motor-mounting stand. The units offer capacities from 2000 to 500,000 gallons per minute (custom units can be ordered), heads of up to 100 feet per stage, and bowl sizes from 12 to 104 inches. Patterson Pump Co.

Gas-powered spreader

Available in mild steel and stainless steel versions, this 9-foot salt/sand spreader is gasoline powered, making it suitable for large municipal deicing jobs. It can hold up to 3 cu. yds. of salt, sand, or a mixture of both. Features include variable speed control with a burst mode, and a quick-disconnect harness for easy portability between vehicles. Sno-Way International Inc.

Concrete hole coring

Core EZ portable concrete drilling tools let operators drill concrete holes as deep as 8 inches with a single cut. The Core Buddy kit cores holes up to 8 inches in diameter; the Core Daddy cores holes up to 14 inches in diameter. Both products also can be used on PVC, ductile iron, and HDPE pipe. Each of the products is easy to use, quick to set up, and requires no special tools or training to operate. US Saws.

Phosphate analyzer

The Phosphax sc phosphate analyzer offers detection limits as low as 0.05 mg/L and as high as 50 mg/L. The product offers a fast response time—only five minutes. The housing is weather-proof and can be locked, so that the analyzer can be installed right at the basin. It comes complete and assembled; no separate housing is needed. Hach Co.

Heavy-duty auger

The Easy Auger II is stronger and delivers more power than previous models. The drive system offers increased torque for penetrating rocks, tough soil, and other difficult materials. The simple-to-use machine comes in both push and self-propelled versions. MacKissic.

Fuel management

Petro Vend fuel management systems now come with a proximity card. Compatible with the C/OPT or K800 fuel island terminals, users gain access with a key or card waved within a few inches of the reader. They work with most existing proximity card formats, so employees can access the system using the cards they already carry to work every day. OPW Fuel Management Systems.

Bird deterrent

Bird Spike 2007 is a low-cost, permanent product that prevents birds from landing and creating a messy health hazard. The product, which is not harmful to birds, also will not injure the installer. It comes in widths of 3, 5, and 8 inches and is nearly invisible when in place. Bird-B-Gone Inc.