Mid-mount mower

The 322D mower is a midmount model with cutting widths from 61 to 72 inches. It runs on a powerful, liquid-cooled, 22-hp diesel engine that offers quiet operation and reserve torque. The G2 transmission provides zero-turn-radius maneuverability, so it can work well in tight spaces. In addition, the rollover-protected operator seat offers a high degree of comfort and safety. Grasshopper Co. www.grasshoppermower.com..

Rugged backpack blower

The 170 BT heavy-duty backpack blower features an advanced 65-cc engine that delivers higher power and torque than standard two-stroke engines, with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. It offers a number of comfort- and safety-enhancing features: anti-vibration technology, easy start, thick padding, contoured shoulder straps, and adjustable, side-mounted throttle handle. Husqvarna Forest & Garden Co. www.husqvarna.com..

High-capacity litter collector

The Madvac 101 can vacuum 120 gallons of uncompacted material and store it in its 80-gallon litter container. Its self-compacting system efficiently handles any glass, metal, bottle, can, cardboard, plastic, or other debris—wet or dry—that fits into its 8-inch suction hose. Choose from three fueling options: gasoline, diesel, or propane. Madvac Inc. www.madvac.com..

Workhorse skidsteers

K-Series skidsteers have been enhanced with a hydraulically driven cooling fan that senses operating temperatures then self-regulates to rotate only as rapidly as job conditions require. The feature quiets the machines and reduces operator fatigue. In addition, the units also have larger, stronger drive chains, which helps extend service life. Bobcat, an Ingersoll Rand Co. www.bobcat.com..

Slope-friendly mower

With its four-post roll cage, the ATZ riding mower keeps the operator safe when tackling sloped surfaces. The wheel motors provide high torque at lower pressures to further enhance slope performance. The unit's weight and wide stance, and the all-terrain bar-tread tires help improve the mower's traction, balance, and overall performance. The tires are mounted backward for better traction while backing up hills. Hustler Turf Equipment. www.hustlerturfequipment.com..

Large-diameter disc chipper

The model 5900 disc chipper's large feed throat can accept a 23-inch-diameter tree, or bundles of smaller-diameter stems. The machine comes standard with a three-knife disc (a four-knife disc is available). The chipper disc is 66 inches in diameter and 4¾ inches thick, with a replaceable ½-inch-thick wear plate. It can be operated from the onboard control box or with a radio remote control. Peterson. www.petersoncorp.com..

Featuring: PumpsProgressing cavity grinder pumps

The 6810–6815 series offers 1-hp and 2-hp models. Suitable for either new or retrofit pressure-sewer installations, the products offer flows of up to 15 gallons per minute and heads up to 240 feet total discharge. Features include unique heat-dispersing fins, upper and lower ball-bearing construction, hardened stainless steel cutter/disc, and a stainless steel hydraulic pump rotor. Zoeller Engineered Products. www.zoeller.com..

Submersible pumps

The company offers pumps for water, wastewater, and stormwater, in different sizes and configurations. Choose from four different metals: cast iron, hardened cast iron, stainless steel, and CD4MCu. The line includes prepackaged pump stations, with as many as four pumps. A number of impeller, seal, and rail-system options are available. Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Co. www.mapeco.com..

Sound-attenuated pumps

The company's diesel-driven Dri-Prime high-volume and high-head pumps are available with sound-attenuating housings that can reduce sound generated by the pumps to levels as low as 63 dBA at 30 feet. Choose from trailer- and skid-mounted versions. A freestanding enclosure is also available in two sizes. Godwin Pumps of America. www.godwinpumps.com..

Self-priming trash pumps

Ultra V self-priming centrifugal trash pumps offer high pressure, flow, and efficiency. Maximum capacity is 1900 gallons per minute, maximum head is 168 feet, and the units handle solids up to 3 inches. An easily removable rotating assembly can be replaced without disturbing the pump casing or piping. Other features including a heavy-duty solids-handling impeller, sturdy cartridge seal, large back cover plate, and a positive-sealing suction check valve. Gorman-Rupp Co. www.gormanrupp.com..