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  • Infrastructure then and now

    From Roman roads to the Panama Canal through the New Deal programs of the 1930s, infrastructure has, and always will, define great civilizations.

  • Placement begins. The mixture is spread along the straight edge that was prepared earlier. Note that the RCC is placed about 2 inches thicker than the material from yesterday so that it can be compacted that amount to end up at the same elevation.

    Suburb self performs RCC

    An Illinois public works department saves money with roller-compacted concrete. The material achieves high strength more quickly than conventional concrete pavement mixes.

  • Street sweeping saves money

    You can clean streets and waterways by building new infrastructure or sweeping with the right machine at the right time. Here is how to decide which stormwater compliance option is cheaper for your municipality.

  • Triad Award Winner: Pena Boulevard

    After years of patchwork and repairs, Pena Boulevard near Denver International Airport was replaced with concrete pavement containing portland-limestone cement.

  • Smarter lift stations

    Smart VFDs use algorithms to estimate flow and whether the pump is running within its preferred operating region. When combined with remote telemetry and big data, these units provide key performance data.

  • The road to renewable energy

    Persistence pays off for Bernalillo County, N.M., which wanted to use solar power to lower electricity bills at its largest facility.

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    10 public works tornado response tips

    Public works leaders who have survived multiple storms explain what to expect and how to better prepare.

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    Three ways to improve pump performance

  • APWA Top 10 Leaders

    This year’s honorees give their successors one piece of advice for a rewarding career in public works.

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    End of the Line

    Replace asbestos-cement pipe without turning the jobsite into a hazardous-waste site.

  • Recycling organics

    With landfill space at a premium and communities loathe to approve new landfill sites, regulators want organic material recycled.

  • Architecture, engineering, and construction services

    As the economy improves, public works departments use consultants to get backlogged projects off the ground.

  • Solution Test Cycle for Pilot Program

    Mapping newly installed utilities

    Part two of how a utility changed how employees, other agencies, and other agencies' contractors map newly installed utility assets.

  • Reducing salt use during winter

    EPA is requiring public works departments to reduce chloride impacts during winter operations. Operator certification courses help make that happen.

  • Retrofitting interchange infields to meet stormwater requirements

    Research in at least four states indicates that repurposing interchange infields can help meet post-construction stormwater management requirements.

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    Corrugated HDPE pipe turns drainage ditch into living trail

    Instead of running and cycling on the road's shoulder, users will be separated from traffic.

  • Bratislava has seen its share of war and conflict; this manhole cover dates back just 20 years, after it became the capital of the newly formed Slovak Republic.

    Manhole masterpieces

    Manhole covers serve a very important function in protecting and allowing access to underground infrastructure. Cities and agencies around the globe often elevate these humble hunks of metal into works of art.

  • Paying for transit-oriented development

    How one agency in Utah is weaving all of the elements together.

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    2006 Trendsetters

    From do-gooders to good-for-nothings, 50 people, places, and events that shaped, shocked, or otherwise rocked our world over the past year.

  • Avoid trenching troubles

    How to keep your equipment and crews safe during trenching operations.


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