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    The subgrade and subbase factor

    Quality pavements start from the ground up

  • Horizontal drum mulching attachments help extend the versatility of existing tractors in a public works fleet. The Loftness Tree Hammer is available with a shear bar, which helps increase efficiency and produces finer particle sizes of mulched material.

    Tips for selecting a PTO-driven mulcher

    Horizontal drum mulchers can be pushed or pulled behind a tractor for mulching.

  • In California, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District crews use a three-tined handheld gardening tool to separate pump clog debris into components like these.

    Wastewater utilities take aim at wet wipes

    Sewer "activists" ask consumer goods manufacturers to tell customers not to flush disposable items.

  • Reducing Risk

    Four years ago, King County, Wash., implemented a project-assessment system that's reducing unpleasant cost and timeline surprises on multimillion-dollar public works projects.

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    Battling the enemy

    Corrosion at wastewater treatment facilities gets little attention from upper-echelon managers and policymakers but is all too familiar to those who actually operate and maintain the plants. Until this year, the 20-volume ASM Handbook did not even specifically address corrosion in wastewater...

  • Bratislava has seen its share of war and conflict; this manhole cover dates back just 20 years, after it became the capital of the newly formed Slovak Republic.

    Manhole masterpieces

    Manhole covers serve a very important function in protecting and allowing access to underground infrastructure. Cities and agencies around the globe often elevate these humble hunks of metal into works of art.

  • Polluted golf course to regional attraction

    How Royal Palm Beach, Fla., mitigated 50 years of herbicides and pesticides.

  • Public Works magazine's 2014 AEC survey

    Does spending more on consulting services indicate public works departments have better budgets or thinner work forces? The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

  • Drones are being tested in some locales

    Drones may be the greatest thing since the Internet, if public agencies can convince constituents they aren’t too invasive.


    Is MAP-21 helping road agencies move ahead?

    What's working and what's not with the latest federal highway bill.

  • Florida Flood Relief

    Road-and-drainage department proceeds with original canal enclosure plan, despite unforeseen complications.

  • Future solid waste scenarios

    A rural Arizona county's public works professionals evaluate future solid waste service scenarios, costs, and financing options.

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    Asphalt versus concrete

    The debate goes on: Which is better, concrete or asphalt? While there is no cut-and-dried answer, a smart public works official will consider the following questions before selecting a material for the next road project: Which pavement option is better for my specific application?

  • Avoid trenching troubles

    How to keep your equipment and crews safe during trenching operations.

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    Hottest products of the year December 2009

  • Illinois' Municipal Partnering Initiative (MPI)

    A joint buying initiative gaining momentum in suburban Chicago has saved participating communities more than $1.23 million since it was launched three years ago. Thirty communities have joined forces to procure a wide range of public works and construction services.

  • Not-so-complete streets

    In the struggle to accommodate vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit, cities end up with too much or too little parking. Here's how to avoid that.

  • Public works departments inch toward recovery

    Our survey shows public works departments are finally putting the Great Recession behind them.

  • 2013 Public Works reader survey of AEC firm use

    What city, county, and state public works departments use architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms for.

  • Building a cavern-style combined sewer overflow pump station

    A pump station 240 feet below ground helps keep an undersized treatment plant from discharging raw sewage.


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