To maintain momentum, a department should work hard to have a designated information technology employee oversee integration of all computer systems that involve infrastructure assets. Since process-driven programs measure success quantitatively, software must facilitate the sharing of information between work management and asset-tracking systems.

In 2005, the department wrote a six-point strategic plan that includes “making wise and timely investments in technology to enhance performance.” Since late 2006, the department has been transferring asset data into the work order, inventory, customer relationship management, water, sewer, storm, and street modules of Infor's Hansen 8 software suite. Employees soon will be able to click on any layer of the city's geographic information system to get a real-time picture of the status of any given asset, whether it's a road, water main, or traffic light.

By tracking the time and materials spent on these assets, the department will be able to provide cost-based accounting for all maintenance functions.

Fort Wayne, Ind., Public Works and Utilities Department
  • Services: Drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater collection, treatment, and disposal; flood control; street maintenance; traffic operations and transportation engineering; energy and environmental services; fleet management; planning and design; right of way management
  • Employees: 525
  • Population: 254,000
  • Area served: 125 square miles

Did you know . . . In 1982, President Ronald Reagan helped residents sandbag the flood-ravaged city.

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