June-July 2016 Table of Contents

Flint lead crisis fallout Flint lead crisis fallout

In the wake of Flint, customers are going to be less inclined than ever to believe anything your agency says to reassure them and correct misperceptions. Read more

Lead regulation and transparency Lead regulation and transparency

The public relations debacle surrounding tap water in Flint, Mich., is ushering in a new era of regulation and transparency. Here’s what’s likely to happen and how to prepare. Read more

Isolation casings stand up to earthquakes Isolation casings stand up to earthquakes

Isolation casings ensure new connector ramps stay elevated during earthquakes. Read more

A Better way to Dredge A Better way to Dredge

Harnessing nature’s sustainable practices to replace mechanical dredging. Read more

Excavators help manage mosquitos Excavators help manage mosquitos

Amphibious excavators simplify maintenance in and around sensitive wetland areas in Cape May County, N.J. Read more

Manholes on the rise Manholes on the rise

A deceptively simple way of managing manholes facilitates maintenance year-round for public works agencies in a Midwestern city. Read more

Filming in your City Filming in your City

What to expect when Hollywood wants to use your municipality as a film set. Read more

Fair is Fair: What Constitutes 'Reasonable Accommodation'

Determining an appropriate accommodation is a case-by-case decision. The principal test is effectiveness. Read more

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