April 2015 Table of Contents

Streetlights save money

Wireless technology is turning streetlighting into extremely valuable public works real estate. Read more

Big Data affects traffic Big Data affects traffic

Seven steps for addressing the collective impact of Big Data before it's too late. Read more

Intelligent streetlighting Intelligent streetlighting

Your community's streetlights are the real key to creating a wide-ranging, low-cost communications system. Read more

Triad Award Winner: Pena Boulevard Triad Award Winner: Pena Boulevard

After years of patchwork and repairs, Pena Boulevard near Denver International Airport was replaced with concrete pavement containing portland-limestone cement. Read more

Asphalt and concrete reconstruction & repair products Asphalt and concrete reconstruction & repair products

These products will help public works departments place and maintain long-lasting asphalt and concrete pavement that meets federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Read more

Mapping newly installed utilities Mapping newly installed utilities

Part two of how a utility changed how employees, other agencies, and other agencies' contractors map newly installed utility assets. Read more

Monitoring road clearing effectiveness Monitoring road clearing effectiveness

DOTs across North America want to copy Idaho's award-winning system for measuring how changes to snow and ice control plans affect safety and mobility. Read more

Ice and snow consultants Ice and snow consultants

Two public works professionals crash through the glass ceiling as they give advice on ice and snow removal to public works departments. Read more

Mobile app assists visually impaired Department of the Month Mobile app assists visually impaired

Mobile app lets visually impaired at college campus "see" their surroundings. Read more

Federal Highway Administration to Host Infrastructure Webinars

FHWA is hosting a webinar series with state and metropolitan planning organization partners on making transportation systems more resilient to climate change and extreme weather events. Read more

USGS The nasty side effects of road salt

The U.S. Geological Survey has studied the chloride concentrations of urban streams since 1960. Levels have become increasingly toxic. a trend attributed to public and private winter deicing operations. Read more

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