April 2012 Table of Contents

From glass to cash Solid Waste Collection & Disposal From glass to cash

A Southeastern solid waste operation doubles revenue by recycling glass into mulch, road salt. Read more

Power through deep snow Snow & Ice Control Power through deep snow
Tension fabric buildings Snow & Ice Control Tension fabric buildings
Surface overlay system Snow & Ice Control Surface overlay system
Keep an eye on storms Snow & Ice Control Keep an eye on storms
Sand/salt scoop attachment Snow & Ice Control Sand/salt scoop attachment
Walk-behind sprayers Snow & Ice Control Walk-behind sprayers
Plows for home or worksite Snow & Ice Control Plows for home or worksite
Severe-duty plow Snow & Ice Control Severe-duty plow
From mower to snowplow Snow & Ice Control From mower to snowplow
Permit-free, 10-ton asphalt paver Road-Building, Maintenance, & Repair Permit-free, 10-ton asphalt paver
Road-building, Maintenance, & Repair Find pavement strength without coring
55% gradeability Road-Building, Maintenance, & Repair 55% gradeability
Road-Building, Maintenance, & Repair Eco-friendly release agent
Multipurpose pavement preservation emulsion Road-Building, Maintenance, & Repair Multipurpose pavement preservation emulsion
So many manholes, so little time Roadway Design, Construction & Maintenance So many manholes, so little time

Three ways to raise assets to grade as quickly, economically, and permanently as possible. Read more

Administration & Management Design-build vs. CM/GC

A Utah DOT manager explains how a combined highway, transit, and trail system was completed for 27% less than estimated. Read more

Sealing the deal Concrete Paving & Repair Sealing the deal

Studies explore the merits of sealing pavement joints. Read more

Traffic Control Exit, lane left

How to decide if a displaced left-turn design is a good fit for your intersection. Read more

Roadway Design, Construction & Maintenance Concrete paving, Colorado style

A state DOT extends the life of its roads with thin whitetopping. Read more

Where does the snow go? Snow & Ice Control Where does the snow go?

Quebec City engineers have snow dump design down to a science. Read more

Can you dig it? Grounds, Parks & Roadside Maintenance Can you dig it?

How to select the right one-man earth drill and accessories for any hole-digging project. Read more

Fleets, Trucks & Accessories Making software worth the investment

In-house asset-management solutions aren't necessarily more cost-effective than commercial programs. Read more

Funding, Finances, User Fees Finally! FAA officially funded
Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Americans recycling more (some calculations say)
Design & Construction New paving guidelines
Asphalt vs. concrete: the fight to pave our roads Roadway Design, Construction & Maintenance Asphalt vs. concrete: the fight to pave our roads
Letters to the Editor Letters to the editor April 2012
Reader Poll April 2013 Traffic Control Reader Poll April 2013
Web Extras 4/12/2012 Web Extras Web Extras 4/12/2012

Click here for more on our annual salary survey and additional content from this month's issue! Read more

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