July 2011 Table of Contents

Web Extras 7/1/2011 Web Extras Web Extras 7/1/2011

Click here for paving links, a Tank of the Year video, and additional content from this month's issue! Read more

Playing with nature Emergency Management Playing with nature

A team sport helps communities prepare for stormy weather through gaming. Read more

Snow push attachment Snow & Ice Control Snow push attachment
Zero-turn snow removal system Snow & Ice Control Zero-turn snow removal system
Sectional snowplows Snow & Ice Control Sectional snowplows
Easy-to-remove plow Snow & Ice Control Easy-to-remove plow
Plowing ahead, towing behind Snow & Ice Control Plowing ahead, towing behind

A simple yet innovative attachment doubles a truck's snow-removal capacity by hitting two lanes at once. Read more

Elevate your mind, image, and operation APWA Convention Planner Elevate your mind, image, and operation

The American Public Works Association promises resources and equipment to take your community to the next level. Read more

12 tools for budget-challenged road engineers Roadway Design, Construction & Maintenance 12 tools for budget-challenged road engineers

Brought to you by Minnesota's Local Road Research Board, which asks city and county engineers what they want to know. Read more

Easy-to-read early-warning system Snow & Ice Control Easy-to-read early-warning system

Google-generated maps increase the effectiveness of first responders. Read more

Working around the railroads Top AEC Firms Working around the railroads

It took eight years and a 1,100-foot bridge, but engineers managed to eliminate two crossings for frustrated motorists. Read more

Burrowing beyond a consent decree Underground Construction Burrowing beyond a consent decree

Project shows tunneling can be as cost-effective for smaller communities as large cities. Read more

Bypass surgery Bridges & Culverts Bypass surgery

State DOT combines precast concrete arches with a lightweight cellular overfill for a world's-first bridge design. Read more

A new landmark in town Top AEC Firms A new landmark in town

Composite water tower stabilizes rates and pressure for 36-square-mile township. Read more

Reader Survey Holding steady and looking ahead

You're enlisting help to plan for the future — and crossing your fingers that budgets follow suit. Read more

Running a well-oiled machine Fleets, Trucks & Accessories Running a well-oiled machine

How emissions standards and sophisticated computer controls affect formulations and service schedules. Read more

Transportation Safety Tool for lowering insurance claims
General Operations Five new Iphone, Ipad apps
Bad times good for building Update: "water Reuse = Energy Efficiency": February 2009, Page 23 Bad times good for building

Water reuse storage-and-pipeline plan is $60 million under budget. Read more

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