December 2011 Table of Contents

Web Extras 12/1/2011 Web Extras Web Extras 12/1/2011

Click here for more information on concrete volute pumps and additional content from this month's issue! Read more

Hot or ... not? Market Analysis Hot or ... not?

The nation's 10 strongest (and 10 weakest) housing markets. Read more

Cracking down on crime countywide Graffiti Removal Cracking down on crime countywide

Online service makes it easier to catch vandals as they move from city to city. Read more

Readers' choice: Top 10 tools General Operations Readers' choice: Top 10 tools

The votes (so to speak) are in on 2011's most popular products. Read more

Crossing the fault Pipe Installation, Maintenance & Rehabilitation Crossing the fault

A “floating” water transmission line is designed to survive up to 6.5 feet of earth displacement during an earthquake. Second of two articles. Read more

By the book Water Distribution By the book

Following a detailed soil and groundwater management plan can help prevent contamination issues on water utility projects before construction begins. Read more

2012 trucks and alternative fuel vehicles Fleets, Trucks & Accessories 2012 trucks and alternative fuel vehicles
Finding real fuel savings Administration & Management Finding real fuel savings

Be wary of claims about cost-saving products and devices. Read more

Associations ASCE gets new face
Asphalt Paving & Repair Asphalt association fine-tunes identity
ADA Compliance ADAAG 90/94
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