March 2010 Table of Contents

Tweets and Sanitation Tweets and Sanitation

Public officials are using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to get the message out about public works. Read more

Garbage Terminators Garbage Terminators

Trash compactors squeeze 70% out of operational costs in one year. Read more

2010 salary survey: The big chill 2010 salary survey: The big chill

Wages may be frozen, but the public sector is still perceived as providing better benefits than the private sector. Read more

Pipeline Construction & Maintenance Ready for Inspection

A deep-tunnel force main under a New Jersey river replaces aging pipes. Read more

Fun With Fatsyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

Influence behavior by personalizing the damage that cooking residues cause. Read more

Erosion Control Cutting Off Sediment at the Source

Public works departments may find themselves at both ends of the EPA's new effluent limitation guidelines for construction sites, both as permitting authorities and as site owners. It's time to explore the most preferred methodology for keeping jobsites clean. Read more

Ideas & Opinions Cured-in-Place Prevention

Why we televise all pipe during the two-year post-construction bonding period. Read more

The Euro Transit of Choice The Euro Transit of Choice

Designed for tight, urban environments and high fuel prices, the Ford Transit Connect might be the ideal utility vehicle for our time. Read more

News & Views: Rules & Regulations Senate Reauthorizes Highway Spending
News & Views: Letter to the Editor The Importance of ADA Compliance
Judgment Day Editorial Judgment Day
News & Views: Rules & Regulations Top Green Building Bills of 2009
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