January 2010 Table of Contents

From eyesore to artistry

Bostonites transform defaced utility and light boxes into works of art. Read more

Forecast: winter warming trend Forecast: winter warming trend

Asphalt's always ready for repairs with a generator-powered heating system. Read more

Buried treasure Buried treasure

A transportation department leads utilities in deploying radio-based marking technology. Read more

Voter-supported growth Funding, Finances, User Fees Voter-supported growth

Pay-to-play tax plan finances five years of road improvements. Read more

Chemical concerns Chemical concerns

Industry, regulators finally agree on a plan to ‘harden' operations. If you haven't conducted a risk assessment, start thinking about doing one. Read more

Surviving the funding gap Surviving the funding gap

Green is becoming more important than ever, while budgets are continuing to shrink. Read more

Caught in the middle 2010 Outlook Solid Waste Caught in the middle

EPA's GHG monitoring rule is estimated to cost landfills $5,000 this year, but managers could make money under the House's proposed cap-and-trade program. Read more

The domino effect

You know money's tight when police and fire have to fight for their share of general revenues. Just five years ago, state and local tax revenues experienced the largest single-year increase in 15 years; and National League of Cities members were least likely to cut public safety services to close a budget gap. Parks and recreation (surprise, surprise) was the first to go. Read moreyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

Shifting gears Shifting gears

A new generation of automated transmissions ensures drivers won't get stuck in neutral. Read more

Curbing noncompliance Ideas & Opinions Curbing noncompliance

What you need to know before putting your next resurfacing project out to bid. Read more

News & Views: Operations Kudos for traffic safety programs
News & Views Water plant educates community

Design & Construction Read more

News & Views: Design & Construction Orange county park board approves millions in projects
News & Views: Resources Low-cost options for getting into GIS
News & Views: Conferences & Meetings New programs offered at World of Asphalt

Conferences & meetings Read more

Nation's failing bridges in spotlight

Despite spending more than ever on maintenance, states face difficult budget decisions as one quarter of the nation's bridges are deficient or functionally obsolete. Read more

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