February 2010 Table of Contents

What lies beneath What lies beneath

Arizona wastewater utility makes historical discovery. Read more

PW: Products February 2010 PW: Products February 2010

February Issue: Products Read more

Across-the-board fixes

Look for solutions that have the broadest immediate application. Read more

The benefits of ‘big brother’

Using technology to boost return on investment. Read more

Change can be fun Change can be fun

Drivers compete to see who gets the most miles per gallon. Read more

Speaking from experience

Three Work Truck Show panelists share what they've learned about clean technologies. Read more

Environmental economics Environmental economics

Hybrids aren't just about using less fuel. Read more

Deflect defects Wastewater Collection Deflect defects

Pinpoint the problems with a sanitary sewer evaluation study. Read more

Rebels with a cause

Paul Revere's midnight ride once inspired the citizens of Lexington, Mass., to become the nation's first patriots. Today, public works is inspiring them to become revolutionaries once again. Read more

To cut or not to cut? Trenchless Technology To cut or not to cut?

Determining the most feasible option for burying stormwater pipelines. Read more

Entrepreneurial expansion

Managers in Southern California combat drought by enhancing their product portfolio. Read more

Ideas & Opinions Are you an enhancement enabler?

Don't assume your architects, engineers, and contractors know how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Train them instead. Read more

Support builds for water trust fund News & Views: Regulations Support builds for water trust fund
News & Views: Resources Funding employee retirement benefits
News & Views: Operations Public-sector solid waste fatalities up
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