May 2009 Table of Contents

The fundamentals of sewage bypass

How to choose the right pump for the job. Read more

How to secure funding for GIS

A step-by-step process for calculating return on investment. Read more

Pipe Installation|Maintenance|Rehab Sliplining away

Maintain flow capacity and reduce maintenance with the proper application. Read more

Road trip

Prioritizing and paying for for a comprehensive repair program. Read more

Covering up Fleets|Trucks|Accessories Covering up

Choosing a tarping system from an almost limitless number of potential combinations. Read more

Build ‘em faster Bridges & Culverts Build ‘em faster

Using prefabricated wood, steel, and concrete to speed bridge construction. Read more

Lighting the Way Lighting the Way

Take a major step in reducing energy consumption. Read more

Readers respond Readers respond

Survey Results Read more

PUBLIC WORKS Article Links May 2009 PUBLIC WORKS Article Links May 2009

Article Links for the Current Issue of PW Mag Read more

Bragging Rights Bragging Rights

Hundreds of U.S. and Canadian agencies are celebrating National Public Works Week May 17 – 23 with equipment displays, open houses, employee appreciation luncheons, media events, career fairs, parades, and more. Read more

Offense Intended Offense Intended

Odor stops pests from chewing on assets. Read more

Transportation Safety Road Warriors

State and local engineers join forces to lower fatalities in rural areas. Read more

Sweep Pollution Away Fleets, Trucks & Accessories Sweep Pollution Away

Clean streets, clean air, clean water … year-round. Read more

Paving With Plants Asphalt Paving & Repair Paving With Plants

A binder made from residual agricultural matter gets a shot in Iowa. Read more

Concrete Construction & Repair Fresh Approaches

The country is embracing infrastructure construction and foregoing earmarks and traditional approaches to invest the money wisely. Read more

Satellites, Dams, & Earthquakes

Monitoring large structures that experience very subtle motion. Read more

Shake, Rattle, & Roll Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Real-world testing helps manage hydraulic transients. Read more

From Show Floors and Beyond

A look at this year's newest trucks and accessories. Read more

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