March 2009 Table of Contents

Going Undercover

Mystery shoppers can help you experience your customers' reality. Read more

Pinpoint Accuracy Pinpoint Accuracy

Kokomo, Ind., leverages technology to resolve utility location issues. Read more

2009 salary survey: Are benefits still the icing on your cake? 2009 salary survey: Are benefits still the icing on your cake?

From doing more with less to paying more for less, public works professionals sound off about the rising cost of benefits. Read more

Contracting for Performance Roadway Design, Construction & Maintenance Contracting for Performance

Michigan awards a rehabilitation project based on expectations, not specifications. Read more

Roadkill compost Roadside Management & Maintenance Roadkill compost

No one knows exactly how many Odocoileus virginianus, i.e., white-tailed deer; are killed by motorists each year, but suffice it to say it's tens of thousands. The extremely adaptable, extremely fecund species is found in all but three states. Read more

Pipeline Construction & Maintenance End of the Line

Replace asbestos-cement pipe without turning the jobsite into a hazardous-waste site. Read more

Embrace the Future Embrace the Future

Getting drivers to accept new technologies is easy — if done the right way. Read more

Editorial Come ‘N Get It!
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