July 2009 Table of Contents

Zero-Emissions Turf Control Zero-Emissions Turf Control

Natural mowing machines trim hard-to-reach territory. Read more

Partnering Prowess Administration & Management Partnering Prowess

How a city spruced up to welcome the largest annual gathering of public works professionals. Read more

Targeting Trouble Areas Targeting Trouble Areas

Washington, D.C., aims to tame speed demons with technology. Read more

Gas ‘N Go Gas ‘N Go

Treatment plant to use renewable energy to power itself. Read more

From Rails to Trails From Rails to Trails

Project tunes the public into central Florida's history. Read more

Dot Does ‘The Weave’ Dot Does ‘The Weave’

Adding and braiding lanes increases interchange capacity by 50%. Read more

Early Returns

Five months into the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, it's too early to tell how much impact the legislation has had. But with some projects under way, managers and manufacturers alike hope this is the beginning of a revitalized construction industry and the economy as a whole. Read more

Class Leader Class Leader

The Heavy-Duty F-150 delivers almost three-quarters of a ton more payload than the Ram. Read more

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