January 2009 Table of Contents

Strange Brew Strange Brew

Move over, sugar beets. There's a new de-icing ingredient in town. Read more

2009 World of Concrete's Most Innovative Products The Products are the Stars of this Show
Special Report / Water Challenges Special Report / Water Challenges

Drinking water regulations won't wait for a better economy. Read more

2009 Outlook New Hope for Old

Congress addresses wastewater and stormwater funding shortfalls. Read more

Special Report / Urban Forestry Making Green Matter

Partner with utility and road projects to make successful bids for funding. Read more

Resource Recovery Special Report / Solid Waste Resource Recovery

How landfill gas and plain old garbage will be expected to help reduce air pollution. Read more

Unfair Trade Special Report / Rights of Way Unfair Trade

The price still isn't right for cable providers working in public rights of way. Read more

Ripple Effect Special Report / Streets, Roads & Highways Ripple Effect

EPA eyes role of road construction in water pollution. Read more

Emission Remission Special Report / Air Pollution Emission Remission

Statewide attack on greenhouse gases generates more paperwork for managers. Read more

Special Report / Environment The New Age of Aquarius

Concern for the global climate is ushering in an era of ‘eco-infrastructure' in the United States. Read more

Special Report/2009 Outlook Holdin' the Line in '09

Federal support is poised to help offset a reversal in local fortunes. Read more

Prepare Before Repair Building & Facility Management Prepare Before Repair

Eliminating substrate imperfections protects your investment in protective coatings. Read more

Diy Miami Trenchless Technology Diy Miami

In crews use static pipe-bursting to replace 7% of city's water mains. Read more

Crash Course Crash Course

Driver and vehicle safety are more than personnel issues. Effective safety programs lower insurance premiums and raise public opinion. Read more

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