April 2009 Table of Contents

Web Extras 4/1/2010

Click here for manufacturer links, a Pave Guard System video and additional content from this month's issue! Read more

Unlimited Access

A contracting method cuts procurement time for project requirements that haven't been fully identified. Read more

Kilometers Take an Exit Kilometers Take an Exit

The only U.S. interstate marked in metric is about to get a facelift. Read more

Working in Tandem

Multiconfiguration trench shoring protects workers while they install cured-in-place pipe. Read more

Cost-Competitive Composites Bridges & Culverts Cost-Competitive Composites

Fiber-reinforced plastic combined with steel and concrete provide lightweight but durable structures. Read more

Asphalt Paving & Repair A Second Chance Asphalt Paving & Repairyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

Improved technology and raw materials prices prompt agencies to reconsider reclaimed material. Read more

Ice Breakers Ice Breakers

Decrease salt usage by at least 26% without decreasing de-icing effectiveness. Read more

The Case for Connectors The Case for Connectors

Using freeway rather than interstate standards would allow cities, counties, and states to afford expansion. Read more

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