September 2008 Table of Contents

Balance Due

Washington offers new highway funding philosophy Read more

Swing Time

the right attachment increases productivitynic Read more

Engineering Wonders Engineering Wonders

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge may be one of the most recognizable in the world, but the following bridges have their own awe-inspiring features. Read more

Above the Deluge

Precast concrete buildings stand above the alternatives in flood-prone areas. Read more

Common Cause

For four decades, graffitists (also called taggers, depending on what they're creating and the motive behind it) have used infrastructure as the canvas for showcasing their talents. It's art, they say; but the public calls it vandalism, and charges public works with managing the cycle of removal and reoccurrence. Read more

Ventures in Vegetation Management Ventures in Vegetation Management

It pays to partner with universities and herbicide manufacturers. Read more

Group Effort

Using a geodatabase to accurately bill service connections. Read more

Taking It In-house

How two county engineers decide when it's more cost-effective to do their own repairs. Read more

Drive Wise Drive Wise

Seventeen ways to minimize fuel use from the American Trucking Association. Read more

Regulation Unnecessary for Potential Contaminants News & Views: Rules & Regulations Regulation Unnecessary for Potential Contaminants
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