October 2008 Table of Contents

The ripple effect of the credit crunch

The cost of shoring up old assets is just one of many challenges that have converged to create a perfect storm of financial stress for the public sector. Read more

Rolling Relief Rolling Relief

A town transforms school buses into mobile first-responder units. Read more

Sewer Technology Sucking in the Savings

A veteran of both gravity and vacuum sewer systems crunches the numbers. Read more

Persuasive Politicking Funding & Finance Persuasive Politicking

Five ways to promote a rate increase (hint: think of yourself as a campaign-finance manager). Read more

Off the Grid Wastewater Treatment Off the Grid

It's a hard lesson learned from an era of unprecedented growth in the housing market, when subdivisions were built faster than the infrastructure necessary to serve them. With traditional wastewater treatment plants facing restrictions on their total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), decentralized systems were an attractive way to accommodate growth. Read more

Public-Private Partnerships From Trash to Treasure

Wastewater treatment plant turns effluent into an asset. Read more

Combustion Makes a Comeback Combustion Makes a Comeback

Advancements in technology makes incineration a viable option for waste-to-energy operations. Read more

Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Smart Gamble

Two decades of experience allow a waste-to-energy facility to chart its own course on its expansion project. Read more

Parks & Recreation Power of the Pumpyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

A community pool complex uses variable-frequency drives to save thousands in annual energy costs. Read more

Emergency Management Chasing the Crest

Three years on, New Orleans still makes headlines for the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, which caused about $400 million in infrastructure damage. Yet 1,000 miles north, on the usually quiet banks of the Cedar River in the usually quiet city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, summer floods are racking up even higher damage estimates approaching $570 million. Read more

Behind the Wheel Behind the Wheel

How handling a hybrid differs from conventionally powered vehicles. Read more

Mea Culpa! Editorial Mea Culpa!
Special offer! Only for roadway managers!

I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did over the responses to the last edition of this newsletter, which asked "Would you hurt Bambi?" Read more

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