May 2008 Table of Contents

Do e-waste regulations measure up?

The incentives in California have yet to achieve the goal of cutting e-waste in landfills by half. Read more

A 'Whale' of a Problem

Geotechnical construction quality assurance minimizes liner leaks. Read more

Treat the Source

Use chitosan-enhanced sand filtration to meet water quality standards. Read more

Power vs. Pumping

Smart lift station backup plans include both. Read more

Climate Change

How to develop a quick response to increased risks. Read more

Mix it Up

A cost-effective way to maintain high water quality in storage facilities. Read more

Street Lighting Innovations

Technical advances ensure safety and dark sky compliance Read more

Where the Sidewalk Ends

What to consider when installing detectable sidewalk warning surfaces. Read more

It's All in the Hand

Choosing a handheld computer for GIS data collection Read more

Single-Stream Best Practicesyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

How to turn waste into a revenue resource. Read more

Deicing Strategies

Get the right amount of the right material in the right place at the right time. Read more

Get to the Root of Sewer Problems

Chemicals that fight fats, oils, and grease, as well as tree roots. Read more

Fixing Loose Joints

Transfer traffic loads over concrete to eliminate differential movement. Read more

Going Underground

Keyhole coring and reinstatement offers a less intrusive repair method. Read more

On the Offensive

Wisconsin communities prepare for an invasion of emerald ash borer. Read more

Encourage Geese to Leave

Enviornmentally friendly yet humane deterrents. Read more

Considering a Private Partner?

Five steps to forming the right relationship for your community. Read more

Going Once, Going Twice...

Get the best price on used assest with online auctions. Read more

Rule the Fuel

Automated management enhances fleet efficiency and sustainability. Read more

Just a Click Away

Software that aids design and product selection. Read more

Short Loads

Tow behind mixers offer savings over ready-mixed concrete Read more

Designing Bridges for Durability

New materials and thoughtfuldesign can reduce bridge maintenanceand facilitate inspection. Read more

Bird Control

Fourteen ways to (humanely) block, bedevil, and otherwise banish feathered pests. Read more

A Thorough Introduction A Thorough Introduction

How to ensure new hires are comfortable with the “lay of the land” as quickly as possible. Read more

Featuring: Grounds Maintenance PW Solutions May 2008

Ground maintenance and outdoor furniture products. Read more

Solid waste collection and disposal products May 2008

Large-capacity rear loader; tough shredder; transfer trailers; and more. Read more

Iron Constitution Wasteworks: Building & Facility Management Iron Constitution

One of the nation's largest tipping floors cuts repair time in half. Read more

The Replacements

As baby boomers retire, public agencies must transform themselves into employers of choice for the next generation. Read more

Going Green? Go Electric Going Green? Go Electric

The Work Truck Show introduces futuristic vehicles and accessories. Read more

News & Views: Water Supply Water Shortages Threaten Electrical Grid

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography says there's a 50% chance that within the next decade the 2,080-megawatt Hoover Dam could receive too little water to produce power. Read more

News & Views: Administration Government Loses Control of Waste Operations

A federal judge in Guam has taken solid waste operations away from local government in favor of a court-appointed federal receiver from Virginia. Read more

Missouri Cuts Crossover Deaths by 96% News & Views: Transportation Safety Missouri Cuts Crossover Deaths by 96%

Median guard cable installed on the state's busiest highways is credited with slashing crossover fatalities from 55 in 2006 to just two last year. Read more

PW Briefs May 2008

News briefs from the May 2008 issue of PUBLIC WORKS magazine. Read more

Making the Grade Making the Grade

Data-driven decision-making drives top performers in a state-by-state infrastructure comparison. Read more

Editorial Food: The Final Frontier

The nation should recognize the leadership that PUBLIC WORKS readers provided—and continue to provide—in driving the practice of recycling, a process that requires identifying markets for all that material as well as mobilizing the public. Read more

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