July 2008 Table of Contents

Avoiding the hidden costs of design-bid-build

By letting contractors know upfront what their profit will be, construction-manager-at-risk minimizes litigation, change orders, and costs on horizontal projects like roads. Read more

Traffic impact fees work

Pierce County, Wash., overcomes political resistance to implement a successful program. Read more

Blight-busters: Cameras catch criminals in the act

Solid waste department successfully prosecutes two illegal dumpers within eight months. Read more

Concrete industry capitalizes on rising oil prices

Long touted for their efficient life-cycle costs, concrete overlays are becoming even more attractive. Read more

Trading Away Pollution

Exclusive web extra Read more

Partners in Plastic Partners in Plastic

Los Angeles enters the final frontier in curbside recycling. Read more

Wake-Up Call

Your professional association recognizes the need for sustainability. Have you? Read more

Progressive Partnerships Top 50 AEC Firms Progressive Partnerships

These four projects illustrate the best of teamwork. Read more

Switching Gears Top 50 AEC Firms Switching Gears

As the need for new infrastructure decreases, managers dedicate more dollars to rehabilitation. Click Read more

Let The Sun Shine News & Views: Operations Let The Sun Shine

When San Diego's Alvarado Water Treatment Plant integrated solar power into its operations last year, it found a new source for 30% of its electricity. Today, nearly 1.8 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of the plant's power are generated by photovoltaic panels installed onsite, saving $70,000 annually. Read more

Seasons of Rage Editorial Seasons of Rage
GSA Gets New Authority to Help State and Local Governments

WASHINGTON - The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) received new authority to help state and local governments in purchasing homeland security equipment and services under the Local Preparedness Acquisitions Act (HB 3179) signed by President Bush on June 25, 2008. Read more

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