December 2008 Table of Contents

From Boomtown to Greentown From Boomtown to Greentown

Canada's oil capital is fast becoming a green capital. Read more

Control Freaks

How'd you like to treat your street-lighting system as a control network rather than a collection of electrical circuits? The recent coming of age of specialized networking hardware and control software has made such an approach not only feasible, but also economical and relatively easy to install. Read more

[7] Solutions

Letting contractors know upfront what their profit will be minimizes litigation and change orders. Read more

Information Management Independent Operators

A unique database lets public works employees build any tool they need without involving the county's IT department. Read more

A Clean Burn A Clean Burn

No fuel emits zero pollutants, but natural gas is close. Read more

Restricted Access Ideas & Opinions Restricted Access

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) combine information and communications technologies with vehicles and infrastructure to improve traffic routing and travel times, and trim fuel consumption.  Read more

California parking structure beats schedule

Anaheim Hills-based Bomel Construction completes 1,500-space parking structure for city of Irvine several weeks ahead of schedule. Read more

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