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From APWA: Build the Facility that's Right for Your Operation From APWA: Build the Facility that's Right for Your Operation

Over the past decade, three Chicago suburbs—Algonquin, Elmhurst, and Arlington Heights—consolidated their multiple-building, patched-together compounds into sleek, modern buildings that increase productivity. Read more

Controversial Road Project Open for Business

For half a century, the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton, Ontario, has had its share of controversy. In 1956, infrastructure managers conceived the expressway project, and the transportation corridor became part of the city Read more

EPA: No Single Answer to What Constitutes NPDES Violation

The American Public Works Association's (APWA) first day-long focus on stormwater drew twice as many people as expected on the final day of its annual convention. Read more

Dancing With the Sweepers

On Thursday, Sept., 13, actor and TV host John Ratzenberger stopped by the factory of Elgin Sweeper Co. in Elgin, Ill., to tape a segment for John Ratzenberger's Made in America. Read more

Smart Sign Inventory Works for Nashville

Session: A Sign of the Times? Nashville's Automated Sign Inventory with Donald Reid, right of way manager, Nashville; and Clifton Ogden, senior vice president, Civic Engineering and IT Inc., Nashville. Read more

GIS-Based Asset Management Breeds Homers

GIS-Based Management Solutions: Your "Easy Button": Justin Gough, president, NovotX LLC, Clearfield, Utah. Read more

Cities Speed Project Delivery by Self-Certifying

. The key to getting your hands on Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) money is to circumvent the feds as much as possible. Read more

Public, Private Utilities in Eight States Form Mutual-Aid Network

. To ensure residents get drinking water and wastewater continues to be treated, utilities in California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas have agreed to share employees, resources, and equipment during emergencies Read more

Florida City Uses Performance Deficits to Drive Performance Management

Performance deficits force public works departments to prioritize their performance-measurement efforts. If your council cut you loose—i.e., jumped on the performance-management wagon without providing direction—avoid wasting time and energy by focusing on projects that improve quality of life in the community.. Read more

A Dollar of Prevention = $1000 of Cure

It's never easy to explain to constituents why a tree that appears to be healthy must be removed. Even if that tree is dying. Read more

Clean Sweep

Session: Clean Roads to Clean Air Program.Toronto's transportation coordinator explained how the city replaced its traditional mechanical sweepers with "dustless" regenerative-air sweepers, which remove fine road dust and smog-causing particulate matter. Read more

APWA Calls for Increased Transportation Funding and Safety

The APWA SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization Task Force approved a position statement Monday encouraging U.S. legislatures to preserve and enhance federal investment in surface transportation programs. Read more

Canadian Compost Facility at the Top of the Heap

Session: Household Organics: Case Studies in Curbside Collection and Composting: Hamilton, Ontario, is home to an impressive, one-of-a-kind compost facility and biowaste-management program. Read more

Pulitzer Winner Shows Lighter Side of Public Works Pulitzer Winner Shows Lighter Side of Public Works

By inviting award-winning humor writer Dave Barry to give the keynote at the General Session on Sunday morning, APWA guaranteed that the 2007 Congress and Exposition would start out with a bang Read more

You're Driving Economic Growth

According to USA Today's analysis of Census Bureau data, construction of such public facilities as sewer plants and recreational facilities rose 11.1% in the first four months of the year to a record annualized rate of $257 billion. Read more

Internet-Based System Boosts Number of Bidders

Last year, the design and survey, contract administration, inspection, and engineering services departments of Durham, N.C., joined forces to post contract documents such as construction drawings and plats on the city's website. Read more

Sewer District Cuts $8 Million from Long-Term Control Plan

Building completely separate pipelines for wastewater and stormwater is an enormously expensive proposition for which federal funds are generally unavailable, and most EPA consent decrees allow just 20 years to pay off the bonds they issue to raise money. Read more

County Cuts Right of Way Incidents 71%

When Verizon announced plans to lay 16 million feet of fiber-optic cable throughout Hillsborough County, Fla., infrastructure managers were poised to avoid the chaos that usually accompanies "fiber-to-the-premises" projects. Read more

APWA Launches New Certification Program

The public infrastructure inspector program (CPII) is for employees who inspect the construction of infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridges, and dams. Read more

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Brevity--and clarity--are key when putting together a good sign, as these examples indicate. Read more

American Public Works Association Exhibitors September 2007

Products from exhibitors at the 2007 APWA International Congress and Exposition Read more

Gas Attack

In the past five years, three relatively large, active landfills with fully operational corrective-action groundwater extraction systems found that gas—not leachate—was contaminating groundwater. Read more

No More ‘Paralysis by Analysis’

A schedule is an essential tool for owners, contractors, their staffs, and third parties (such as regulatory agencies) to communicate on a construction project. But if it's hard to understand, or if it doesn't accurately reflect what steps are ahead, it thwarts teamwork. Before you know it, the schedule is causing conflict instead of averting it. Read more

Pinpoint accuracy Pinpoint accuracy

Much like a mapping program that gives you the wrong driving directions, the privately owned Jacksonville (Fla.) Electric Authority was finding that many of its electric, water, and sewer services were incorrectly mapped. Read more

Zip it Up

Usually, full-depth reclamation (FDR) is performed with large, self-propelled reclaiming machines. But road- and street-maintenance managers have discovered they can use less expensive equipment for projects of 1 mile or less. Read more

FDR Comes to Town FDR Comes to Town

Usually reserved for rural locations with plenty of wide-open space, full-depth reclamation (FDR) with portland cement has come to the city--specifically, to downtown Reno, Nev. Read more

California is not Alone

Many other coastal states, such as Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Louisiana face unprecedented drought and shortages of traditional water resources such as lakes, fresh water aquifers, and rivers. Read more

Sea of Life

The California desalination initiative is expected to yield more than 20 new projects statewide that would supply 400 to 500 mgd of new drinking water by 2020 and provide up to 10% of the state's total water demand by 2030. Read more

Rising to the challenge

Planning, funding, hiring, managing—this year's American Public Works Association Top Ten Leaders leverage their skills to keep their communities running. Read more

No Time for Café au Lait

New Orleans' recovery is a tale of two cities where repair and rebuilding sit side-by-side with demise and despair. At times it seems that improvements aren't happening fast enough, but city officials say that--considering the damage it suffered--the recovery is just where it should be. Read more

Keep the Pressure On

No one can guarantee your vehicles will never have a flat, but if your shop maintains proper tire pressure you'll minimize the possibility of catastrophic tire failure. Read more

Breathing Room

Grants benefit public transportation funding while tougher ozone standards endanger it. Read more

Ideas & Opinions Public Defender

Since the public sector isn't burdened by the requirement to be profitable, we're free to deliver service based on what's best for the public. Read more

PUBLIC WORKS News Briefs: September 2007

The latest news, views and happenings from industry Read more

News & Views: Rules & Regulations Big Dig failure penalties may be negligible
News & Views: Design & Construction APWA celebrates stellar infrastructure

Considering the challenges you face--limited resources, funding shortfalls, and "brain drain"--he results you achieve are impressive. Read more

News & Views: Operations & Maintenance Will Bridge Collapse Boost Funding?
News & Views: Waste Water A conduit to cleanliness

Chicago's Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) is one of a handful of U.S. treatment districts that doesn't disinfect its wastewater before discharging into local fresh water sources--and environmental groups aren't happy about it. Read more

All in a Day's Work Editorial All in a Day's Work

For San Antonio's public works director Tom Wendorf, hosting the annual gathering of public works professionals--and mobilizing his 850 employees to ensure a smooth event--is one of his specialties. Read more

We're there for You

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the APWA Show in San Antonio, Texas September 10-12, 2007. Read more

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