May 2007 Table of Contents

Epoxy to the Rescue

Select your coatings carefully to reduce corrosion Read more

Go Digital

Electronically capture your operations to boost training. Read more

Negating Nutrients: Smart Selection Negating Nutrients: Smart Selection

Choose the right technology for your city—with the help of experts. Read more

Just 'Plane' Worn Out Just 'Plane' Worn Out

Why do flails wear unevenly? Read more

Inspiration for the Program Inspiration for the Program

Congressman tells how Safe Routes to School leads to healthier children. Read more

A Better Way to Go A Better Way to Go

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is a new, dedicated funding portion (Section 1404) of the 2005 federal highway funding bill (SAFETEA-LU) that provides municipalities with 100% federal funds to enhance the infrastructure and educate children and parents. Read more

Mixing it up

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) can be produced in any type of equipment that will provide uniform mixing of the cement, aggregates, and water Read more

Feeding the workforce

Composting is a manufacturing process. Read more

Pipeline Peril: Surge and Water Hammer Pipeline Peril: Surge and Water Hammer

Surge and water hammer can lead to short- and long-term damage to piped systems by causing conditions such as vibration, rupture, leaks, and displacement. As a result, pipelines may collapse, become contaminated, or fail prematurely. Read more

Give Blind Spots a Brake Give Blind Spots a Brake

Anyone who has tried to back up a truck using only the side mirrors knows visibility can be an issue. Evolving automotive safety technologies have produced safety features ranging from seatbelts to improved tire traction. Now, a new development uses established technologies prevent accidents while driving in reverse. Read more

Tough as Rocks Tough as Rocks

While riprap offers effective protection against high-flow water events, there are long-term safety issues to consider such as risk of damage and injury to vehicles, passengers, and pedestrians; Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) provide a safer alternative. Read more

Storing Pumps

A guide to safe, trouble-free pump operation. Read more

Gentler Testing

Several nondestructive tests can be used to evaluate concrete bridges. Read more

Plant it on the Roof Plant it on the Roof

Many city officials, planners, and environmentalists around the world view green roofs as an attractive way to reduce the problems associated with stormwater runoff. Read more

Reduce Private Property I/I Reduce Private Property I/I

Private property infiltration and inflow (I/I) problems have increased and will continue to increase until municipalities develop structured programs that identify the problem, define the needed rehabilitation, and oversee the repair. Read more

Spare the Concrete Spare the Concrete

Also referred to as microbiologically induced corrosion, biogenic sulfide corrosion is a big concern to engineers and practitioners because it contributes to the considerable cost of renovation of deteriorated sewer networks. Read more

Keep Operators Sharp Keep Operators Sharp

A proactive and relatively inexpensive program can help protect your valuable institutional understanding, better prepare your next generation of staff, and continuously fine-tune your system operator training program. Read more

Ease the Data Crunch Ease the Data Crunch

Gathering data with geoprocessing technologies such as global positioning systems, virtual reference stations, geographic information systems (GIS), and CAD is challenging enough. Integrating the vast amount of spatial information derived from two or more of these technologies to make critical decisions can be overwhelming. Read more

New regulation means new liabilities New regulation means new liabilities

Here's a wrinkle to consider when preparing financial statements next year: Effective Dec. 15, 2007, a new accounting standard requires the disclosure of liabilities associated with contaminated properties. At minimum, this requirement may cause additional work and, at worst, it may burden some government entities with crippling liabilities. Read more

Seasoning the Winter Pavement Seasoning the Winter Pavement

As long as there have been roads–and vehicles to travel them–municipalities have been faced with the challenge of implementing snow and ice maintenance programs. The newest "old" technologies–pre-wetting and anti-icing–have been around for some time, but aren't widely used. Read more

Power to the people

Creating a healthy, safe, and visually appealing environment is always conducive to a fun place to play, a good learning environment, or a better community to live in. Often overlooked in contributing to a municipality's overall objectives, a grounds management operation is critical in accomplishing a community's long-range goals. Read more

Flail Selection, Plane and Simple

First introduced nearly 35 years ago, small surface planers (scarifiers) have seen their acceptance and use on municipal maintenance projects grow significantly. Read more

Patching Potholes with Data Patching Potholes with Data

GIS has proven to be a versatile tool for integrating the information technology and data investments within organizations. Combing these historic data with current information on pavement conditions provides a data foundation for integrating a pavement management system (PMS) application into a GIS. Read more

Track Down Potholes

Many municipal public works agencies know the benefits of having an automated vehicle location (AVL) system to monitor employee performance, improve operational efficiency, and increase public communication efforts. But another little-known benefit is being able to map the discrete locations of potholes or other "points of interest." Read more

On a Roll On a Roll

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is just what it sounds like. This stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture can be placed with asphalt-type paving equipment and then compacted with rollers. Read more

Recycle the road Recycle the road

Now that energy prices are rising, with infrastructure budgets not yet adjusted to keep up with the increases, it is time look for ways to amplify our reuse of asphalt pavements where possible. Read more

Turn waste into ‘black gold’ Turn waste into ‘black gold’

Compost's benefits to soils are physical, chemical, and biological. Physical benefits include improved soil structure and improved moisture management (both higher moisture capacity and higher infiltration). Read more

Bring it all together Bring it all together

Even when relevant information is within a database, the geographic references often lack the necessary coordinates. Only when both the structured and unstructured information is fused into a single, cohesive view can you get the complete picture needed to make an informed decision. Read more

Cut the Fat Cut the Fat

By following simple guidelines, public works managers can attain quality and efficiency without hurting the bottom line. Read more

Lock in the right lift Lock in the right lift

A vehicle lift is the express lane to faster fleet repair, but don't take our word for it: Studies show a lift can save a facility more than $100,000 per year in labor costs. Read more

Primed for pumps Primed for pumps

Storm delays can result in substantial costs. But the variety of pumps available makes them an ideal tool for residential, commercial, and industrial applications— ranging from basement and landfill dewatering to wastewater treatment facilities and even food-processing plants. Read more

Put bridges to the test Put bridges to the test

Concrete bridges are major investments and critical to local transportation systems, but traffic, trauma, and exposure to the elements can cause them to deteriorate. That's why prudent owners schedule periodic evaluations to ensure bridges function safely Read more

Codes & Funding

New (and improved) alternative-fuel rules; "distressed areas eligible for monies Read more

Top-notch team effort: Growth Industry Top-notch team effort: Growth Industry

Since 1996, states have made it increasingly possible for public agencies to manage projects using design-build. Read more

Green Matters: Resource List

A shortlist of associations, and organizations to help you make your department more sustainable and planet-friendly Read more

Floating toward the future Floating toward the future

An award-winning design imagines how Chicago would look if water were as precious as oil. Read more

Featuring: Part I: Grounds & roadside maintenance Part II: Pumps Staying Grounded

Good grounds managers can juggle multiple responsibilities at once while making the most of resources. One way is by using versatile, efficient equipment. Read more

Rooting out corrosion Rooting out corrosion

Looking to extend the life span of its pumps, the Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) looked for ways to get more out of the gear. Among the findings: anti-corrosion, low-friction coatings increase efficiency and slash energy costs. Read more

Top-notch team effort Top-notch team effort

A tiny water district in Colorado opts for design-build on a Class 1 dam, saving a million dollars and a year on construction, and earning kudos from the U.S. Society on Dams. Read more

Special report Low-impact leader

Seattle has backed low-impact development for nearly a decade. Follow the trail this city has blazed. Read more

The trickle-down effect The trickle-down effect

A Windy City pilot project sets the standard for “green alleys” by using pervious pavement in lieu of typical concrete or asphalt. Read more

Auditors welcome Auditors welcome

f a green audit of Google's headquarters were conducted, the company would pass with flying colors. Read more

Special report Team green

It takes a village to design a green building. One water district's quest required a multidisciplinary approach. Read more

Green Matters

It's politically correct, the public eats it up, and--best of all--it lowers O & M costs. So why aren't more managers working to make their departments planet-friendly? Read more

The quest continues... Ideas & Opinions The quest continues...

In our February 2005 cover story, “The quest for Mayberry,” Shawn Lindsey shared how he strives to lead his department to service perfection. Two years later, he offers more words of wisdom. Read more

Hybrids steal the show

This year's NTEA Work Truck Show showcased new trucks and nifty accessories. Read more

Show-Me State highlights work-zone safety

The Missouri DOT(MoDOT) added a splash of color to numerous state landmarks in an effort to remind motorists to use caution in highway work zones. Read more

News & Views: Transportation Farewell to the highway trust fund?

Two recently formed commissons are looking at ways to shore up revenue for the perennially underfunded federal program that states, counties, and cities rely on to pay for road construction and improvements. Read more

For Whom the Bridge Tolls News & Views: Bridges For Whom the Bridge Tolls

As the last segment of a new toll bridge was put in place in late March, California transportation officials looked forward to the end of a major traffic headache. Read more

News & Views: Operations Water, water everywhere...

In Nevada, where water is scarce and growth is at an all-time high, municipal and regional water departments are fighting over who gets access to new water sources and how much they can drain. Read more

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