February 2007 Table of Contents

Tall in the saddle Tall in the saddle

Equestrian-minded development makes Norco, Calif., more than a one-horse town. Read more

Backhoe Loaders February 2007

PW Solutions features the latest backhoe loaders. Read more

Red light, yellow light, green light

Hudson, Ohio, uses GPS-equipped intersection systems to give emergency vehicles right of way. Read more

A package deal A package deal

Expanding rapidly to accommodate retiring baby boomers, Camas, Wash., had a stressed, aging sewer infrastructure that required replacement or refurbishment of many sections and substantial investment in new systems. Read more

Make your fleet work for you

Fleet managers across all industries will have an ideal opportunity to learn about new trucks, truck accessories, products, and innovations at The Work Truck Show, March 7–9, Read more

Surveying, mapping, & GIS Pushing overdrive
The buck stops here Special report The buck stops here

What to do when elected officials start pitting the cost of your department's services against those of private vendors. Read more

Open for business Public-private partnerships Open for business

Outsourcing public works functions can get officials re-elected, but how does it affect employees? Read more

Brew it yourself Ideas & Opinions Brew it yourself

As increasing fuel costs, mounting environmental concerns, and the need to refurbish ailing fleets as the newer ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) take their toll on engines, fleet managers are seeking alternatives that won't destroy carefully negotiated budgets. Read more

Fuel costs dropping, relief in sight News & Views: Operations Fuel costs dropping, relief in sight

If one industry expert is on the mark, the fuel costs that have been battering fleet budgets will drop, providing some much-needed relief in the coming months. Read more

News & Views: Road Construction Show-Me State meets road challenge

In his 2005 Smooth Roads Initiative, Missouri governor Matt Blunt delivered a challenge for the Missouri DOT (MoDOT): improve 2200 miles of the state's busiest highways by the end of 2007. Road crews beat the goal by one year. Read more

Innovative reclamation plant gets flowing News & Views: Waste Water Innovative reclamation plant gets flowing

An innovative new plant in West Palm Beach, Fla., will enable the city to reclaim much of its wastewater for reuse while being kind to the environment. Read more

Florida park tops grounds awards News & Views: Parks & Grounds Florida park tops grounds awards
Public projects procure pavement prizes News & Views: Road Construction Public projects procure pavement prizes

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has recognized several such projects with its 2006 Excellence in Concrete Pavement awards. The program honors owners, contractors, and engineers for pavement projects demonstrating quality, cost-consciousness, and minimal road-user delays. Read more

Fleet managers rev up for equipment-rich trade show News & Views: Fleets Fleet managers rev up for equipment-rich trade show

The annual Work Truck Show—in Indianapolis March 7–9, at the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome—has always been well attended by commercial distributors and users of Class 1–8 trucks. Read more

The whys and wherefores of Wi-Fi News & Views: Technology The whys and wherefores of Wi-Fi

A wireless Internet access deal—whether privately subsidized or provided free of charge by a company like Google or Earthlink—might look like an appealing, potentially profit-making venture for a public works department to take on. However, according to a study by the Reason Foundation, such an arrangement could turn out to be a Trojan horse. Read more

Skewed Views Down & Dirty February 2007

Officials at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection worry that herds of hungry deer munching vegetation around drinking water reservoirs might be threatening the supply. Read more

Skewed Views Holiday cheer shows up in sewage

According to University of Washington researchers, those snickerdoodles you scarfed down during the holidays could have an impact on the water system. Read more

Skewed Views PW crew helps deliver bucket of joy

When a brutal December storm nearly prevented an expectant Colorado mother from reaching the hospital, a local public works team delivered—in a way. Read more

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