December 2007 Table of Contents

Hey, IRS, Show

The tax credits the IRS offers to offset the higher-priced environmentally friendly vehicles isn't available to tax-exempt organizations like city government. Read more

Blacktop Goes Green Blacktop Goes Green

The Missouri DOT continues down the innovation highway by testing earth-friendly pavement markings. Read more

Featuring: Sign Management and Making Alaska city has sign management down cold

The traffic engineering division had to keep track of 65,000 street signs, and the outdated paper-based tracking system in place violated the municipal code that required the department to maintain accurate, up-to-date records of its traffic-control devices. They needed a cost-effective way to digitally inventory the significant supply of signs and signals. Read more

Sewer Spelunkers Products Solving Problems Sewer Spelunkers

A New Jersey maintenance team saves taxpayers $80,000 a year by bringing inspection in-house Read more

The wild life

While the goal of Sarasota County's flood control project was simple—reroute stormwater around homes and into creeks—it produced an unexpected, but welcome, byproduct: luring birds back to the wildlife-barren land. Read more

For the Birds

Sarasota County had a problem: Farmers modified the land decades ago to retain water and nourish crops. Because it sloped to the south, excess water flowed in that direction. As developers paved the land to build new homes, the ground's ability to absorb water greatly decreased. Read more

Home, Sweet Home Home, Sweet Home

Over the past decade, three Chicago suburb consolidated multiple-building public works compounds into modern buildings that increase productivity. Read more

New Trucks

Check out the new hybrid and non-hybrid models of trucks, pickups, and work vehicles. Read more

Heavy Hitters Heavy Hitters

With improvements in hybrid technology and higher-than-average gas prices, the greatest potential for fuel savings may be in Class 3 through 5 vehicles. As is any vehicle using a power take-off (PTO), they're well suited for hybrid technology. Read more

An Award-Winning Assist

Infrastructure enhancements like the widening of County Road 540A don't get off the ground without the Fleet Management Division, which repairs, maintains, and fuels nearly 2200 vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment for all county divisions, eight municipalities, several state agencies, and even the FBI. Read more

Honorable Mention Countywide Cross-Pollination

There are many reasons Polk County, Fla., residents and elected officials should be proud. For one, the National Civil League dubbed it an All-American County for its grassroots community programs. And for another, people like working there. That's why it earned a Department of the Year Honorable mention. Read more

Learning Curve Honorable Mention Learning Curve

Once someone joins the Chesapeake Public Works Department, they never seem to want to leave. Of the 500 employees on staff, nearly 100 have been there 20 years or more. If you want to know why, ask Jerry Ivory. Read more

Who's your customer?

The goal of Fort Wayne's Public Works and Utilities Department is to replace six of the city's 1000 miles of water mains each year. Read more

Department of the Year 2007 Department of the Year Department of the Year

Fort Wayne (Ind.) Public Works and Utilities Department's quantifiable approach to problem-solving enables public works to deliver better service to one-third more customers with the same number of employees. That's why the department took top honors in our third annual Department of the Year contest. Read more

Drinking and Driving Drinking and Driving

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is poised to exempt transportation departments from having to perform environmental assessments (EA) or release environmental impact statements (EIS) on intelligent transportation infrastructure (ITI) projects. Read more

Skewed Views N.C. Grader Extends Dirty Proposal

You may have heard some creative marriage proposals, but here's one you'll really dig. Read more

Skewed Views Graffiti Busters Get Tough on 6-year-old 'Criminal'

The blight costs Big Apple businesses and government millions of dollars annually, but after a recent collar in Brooklyn, citizens and officials are wondering if the rules are too tough. Read more

News & Views Public Works News Briefs December 2007

Catch up on news important to the infrastructure industry from across the nation. Read more

When Good Haulers Go Bad... News & Views: Solid Waste When Good Haulers Go Bad...

When solid-waste contractors don't hold up their end of the bargain, clients get left holding the bag. Read more

Editorial High-Performance Champions

Graham Richard is on our cover because he Read more

Unpleasant Surprises

Three years ago, Cambridge, Mass., made a smart move: it started swapping the incandescent bulbs on its 136 traffic lights with LEDs, slashing its electricity bill. But there was a problem that traffic engineer Jeff Parenti and his team couldn't have foreseen. . . Read more

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