August 2007 Table of Contents

PW at the Movies: The Simpsons PW at the Movies: The Simpsons

The new Simpsons movie is worth the price of admission, whether you're a die-hard fan or not. Read more

Balancing Act: Resources for Cities

As of mid-February, 21 states have active franchise laws in which telecommunications firms such as AT&T, Qwest, or Verizon no longer have to approach each city separately to bring in service. Read more

Wheel Genius Wheel Genius

In November 2000, the Greater Clark (Clark County, Wash.) Parks District started looking at turning its 56-acre Pacific Community Park into a first-class, multipurpose facility. Read more

Software & Technology August 2007

The latest in software and technology projects including project management systems, vehicle tracking, and civil planning tools. Read more

Shock therapy Shock therapy

Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete is a dangerous problem--and all too common for the many bridges in Florida's salt-water environments. It induces cracks and spalls, which compromises structural integrity and public safety. Read more

2007 APWA Pre-show planner

the program roster for the 2007 American Public Works Association International Congress & Exposition speaks for itself. The four-day event offers a wealth of exhibits, seminars, workshops, tours, networking sessions, and special events to heighten your industry knowledge. Read more

Solid waste products August 2007yfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

The latest products for solid waste tasks including compacters, balers, trucks and more. Read more

Get what you deserve Get what you deserve

Each year, solid waste haulers pay hundreds of millions of dollars in franchise fees or gross receipt fees to local governments. Based on gross revenues billed to the haulers' customers, these fees compensate cities for the use of their streets and rights of way. Read more

Pick and place Pick and place

Like all equipment, selecting the combination of truck body and tool that will best serve a community's population and density is key to getting the most out of a grapple truck. Read more

Two Thumbs Up

Since 2003, nearly 20 state, county, and city transportation departments have installed a new surface overlay that its develope claims prevents frost and ice formation while sealing roadbeds to prevent degradation. Read more

Dual-purpose epoxy Dual-purpose epoxy

The overlay, a patented combination of epoxy and aggregate rock, provides a complete pavement seal to protect infrastructure and provide year-round traction in all weather conditions. Read more

Telecoms jump into state game

As of mid-February, 21 states have active franchise laws in which telecommunications firms such as AT&T, Qwest, or Verizon no longer have to approach each city separately to bring in service. Read more

Balancing act Balancing act

Though it's very uncommon for a private utility--electric, gas, or telecommunications--to refuse to move assets that are within the public right of way, disagreements occur and these instances are increasing. Read more

Clear Vision Clear Vision

Visibility is vital to safe driving. About 90% of the input we use to make driving decisions comes through our eyes. If vision is diminished, so is advance warning of potentially dangerous situations. Read more

Material Issue Material Issue

Highway departments can continue using cheaper foreign steel for bridge projects, despite attempts by Congress to constrict the practice. Read more

Just say ‘no’ to privatization Ideas & Opinions Just say ‘no’ to privatization

Keep roads in public hands by making it easier for transportation planners to deploy intelligent electronics technology. Read more

Skewed Views Seattle sculpture dedicated to surveyors

Citizens in the City of Goodwill affectionately call the dozen monoliths gracing Warren G. Magnuson Park "Linehenge" Read more

NYC politician finds landfill-inspired treat distasteful

The ice cream is named after a landfill that New York City toted its refuse to for decades, until the facility was shuttered in 2001. Read more

News & Views: Construction ‘Epoxy Creep’ blamed in Big Dig collapse

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), failure to account for shifting epoxy led to a fatal collapse that could cost the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA) millions of dollars in both civil and criminal penalties. Read more

EPA stormwater project goes green News & Views: Storm Water EPA stormwater project goes green

The Ariel Rios South Courtyard project in Washington, D.C. showcases numerous green infrastructure techniques and low-impact development practices. Read more

News & Views: Community Green grants for rain gardens

A new program in the Chicago suburbs is getting residents to help with the heavy work of improving the village's stormwater system. Read more

From sludge to fuel News & Views: Solid Waste From sludge to fuel

Five Los Angeles-area sanitation districts have signed on with Atlanta-based EnerTech Environmental, a developer of renewable energy technologies, to convert their biosolids into a renewable fuel, called E-Fuel. Read more

Yonkers rolls out refuse art News & Views: Solid Waste Yonkers rolls out refuse art
PUBLIC WORKS Briefs August 2007 PUBLIC WORKS Briefs August 2007

Industry news you won't want to miss. Read more

Just do it Editorial Just do it

Your ability to exploit mapping software and communications technology is more important to your department's long-term viability than engineering expertise. Read more

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