April 2007 Table of Contents

Dirty business Dirty business

One New Jersey company has turned heaps of unwanted trash into a money-making and earth-saving venture. Read more

Featuring: Safety equipment and clothing Feds boost safety apparel rules
Holey Success Holey Success

Paving more than 220 miles of dirt roads with porous asphalt keeps traffic in a Florida county moving. Read more

Beating thirsty dirt

A Texas city requires developers to test soil for water content before designing and building roads. Read more

Mining for savings Mining for savings

Cold in-place recycling stretches road funds because crushed materials are used onsite rather than hauled away. Read more

Route-shifting resources

Tools to help give your collection routes a lift Read more

Collection correction

Cities in Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Virginia manage growth by juggling schedules and automating. Read more

Snow fight: Products April 2007

Products to help your snow fight Read more

Snow fight Snow fight

A flurry of activity occurs across the nation when the white stuff starts falling. Two real-world examples— to help you fight it yourself. Read more

Integrating interns Integrating interns

Incorporate high school and college interns into your budget and succession plan to mold future managers. Read more

Words of Wisdom

While the leadership ranks are filled mostly with masculine faces, the number of women in positions of power is growing. The challenges these women face sometimes tie into their gender, but most of their obstacles are shared by everyone in the profession—male or female. Six top public infrastructure managers share advice on what it takes to climb the ladder. Read more

Chemical warfare Chemical warfare

Equipment operating on highways and streets that have been treated with deicing chemicals is susceptible to rust and corrosion as never before. Read more

Uncorking the bottleneck Uncorking the bottleneck

Traffic congestion is one of the toughest problems facing cities, counties, and states, mostly because new construction hasn't kept pace with population growth in major cities. Read more

News & Views: Water San Francisco officials apologize for water woes

A main rupture in March left thousands of San Franciscans without water service, moving utility leaders to apologize for the fluke. Read more

Award-winning water main a blast from the past

Reconstruction of a Toledo water main brought the structure into the 21st century—but engineers used a 20th century relic to make it possible. Read more

News & Views: Associations Ready to celebrate public works?
News & Views News Briefs April 2007
Design so others are green with envy News & Views: Buildings/facilities Design so others are green with envy

Builders and renovators now have two options to ensure facilities are environmentally friendly. Read more

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