September 2006 Table of Contents

Trail Mix Trail Mix

Robert Amme's goal is to turn the nation's tire stockpiles into inexpensive paving materials. Read more

APWA product round-up

The latest products from APWA. Read more

Screenings become a piece of cake Products Solving Problems Screenings become a piece of cake

The Meriden, Conn., Water Pollution Control Facility has reduced organic content and waste volume with the Screenings Washer Monster, a device that grinds, washes, compacts, and dewaters bar screenings. Since installing the device, the facility has eliminated odor, handling of screenings, and landfill disposal costs. Read more

Future perfect Infrastructure construction & maintenance Future perfect

raditionally, developers have built and paid for improvements via permits issued by a city. While permitting works well for low- to moderate-growth areas, it has definite deficiencies. PUBLIC WORKS examines some strategies for overcoming the roadblocks. Read more

Public-private partnerships Fast-tracking the future

When Kansas City's urban core needed a jumpstart, city officials broke through the backlog by launching the Capital Improvements Management Office. Read more

Post-party pickup Solid waste collection & disposal Post-party pickup

Take a page from these cities' playbooks to learn how to craft and execute an effective cleanup plan. Read more

Walking the line Asset Management Walking the line

Many public agencies have created effective procedures to curb new encroachments onto rights of way. But there remains a larger issue: What to do about existing encroachments that may have been in violation for years, or even decades? Read more

Surveying and mapping A bird's eye view

Alone, aerial images won't make your road maintenance team work faster or your sewer mains stop backing up. But when combined with a geographic information system (GIS), accurate data collection, and sound asset-management practices, they can enhance communication internally and with constituents. Read more

To lease or not to lease Fleet Management & Maintenance To lease or not to lease

PUBLIC WORKS elucidates ample reasons to forego the option of leasing. Read more

Erosion control Blanket protection

When landslides took out an important Montana road--crucial to the tourist economy--the collective effort of MDOT crews and their consultants and contractors proved to be a success. Read more

Underground construction Should you ditch the dig?

Although trenchless technology can be more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safer than traditional exhume-and-replace construction, it's still not universally embraced. But that is changing. Read more

Special Report Top Leaders

PUBLIC WORKS highlights the APWA Top Ten Public Works Leaders. Read more

Public-private challenges—and solutions Public-private challenges—and solutions

Alan Gesford, a former public works director for several Pennsylvania municipalities, shares the experiences that informed his view on the public works production. Read more

Built to last News & Views: Awards Built to last

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) has announced the winners of its 18th biennial Design Awards Competition. Winners were judged on four criteria: satisfaction of the owner's objectives, effective planning, innovation to meet project goals, and full exploitation of the benefits of cast-in-place reinforced concrete. Read more

News & Views: Awards Awarding solid waste superstars

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) will recognize the winners of its 2006 Excellence Awards at WasteCon 2006, Sept. 21, Charlotte, N.C. The awards honor management facilities, operations, and programs. Read more

Taking the blame

Residents of Fire Island, N.Y., experienced a three-day drinking water emergency after a water authority employee took tainted water samples. Read more

APWA receives grant for venture with forestry groups News & Views: Associations APWA receives grant for venture with forestry groups

The American Public Works Association (APWA) received a $130,000 federal cost-share grant from the USDA Forest Service to fund an outreach program that aims to help public works departments improve tree care projects. Read more

City's energy plan is a gas News & Views: Operations City's energy plan is a gas

One Canadian city is harnessing its current resources to create a new source of energy and revenue. Read more

Cities reward water conservation News & Views: Community Cities reward water conservation

To combat water shortages, many cities are creating and expanding programs that give residents and businesses rebates or utility-bill credits for conserving water. Read more

News & Views PUBLIC WORKS BRIEFS September 2006

News in brief from the Public Works field. Read more

Never say never Editorial Never say never

Among the plethora of federal initiatives that affect public works leaders is the National Incident Management System. With all the other rules and regulations competing for your attention, why should you give this priority? Read more

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