October 2006 Table of Contents

Trash-talking man Trash-talking man

Dennis Hein is a third-generation trash man, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Read more

Web-based snow job Products Solving Problems Web-based snow job

A look at how Hamilton Township overhauled their snow response system. Read more

A perfect circle Administration & management A perfect circle

Vance and her team at the Butler County Department of Environmental Services (BCDES) were set on starting up an environmental management system (EMS) in 2001, and nothing was going to stop them. Read more

GIS Adds Curb Appeal Ada Compliance GIS Adds Curb Appeal

The city of Austin developed a Pedestrian Master Plan to address compliance issues, using a custom GIS toolset called the Pedestrian Infrastructure Management System that scores sidewalks on ADA compliance, giving the city an efficient way to rank construction or maintenance needs. Read more

Pavement construction & maintenance Restoration transformation

PUBLIC WORKS takes a close look at Iowa City's concrete pavement restoration (CPR) efforts, a finds them to be lasting and effective. Read more

Trial run Pavement testing Trial run

As part of its continuing effort to improve construction methods, CDOT is comparing the pros and cons of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) and portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP). Read more

Ahead of the game Roadway Maintenance Ahead of the game

Santa Barbara County is one such agency now reaping the rewards (and awards) from a pavement preservation program it launched six years ago. Read more

Products PUBLIC WORKS Products October 2006

The latest in sewer inspection, repair, and cleaning products Read more

Sensing a solution Products Solving Problems Sensing a solution

The Water Distribution and Collection Division of the city's Department of Public Utilities has developed a flow monitoring program that provides snapshots of current conditions, letting them identify, isolate, and rehabilitate sections that aggravate the I/I problem. Read more

Swamped in the Everglades Stormwater Swamped in the Everglades

Now that the Everglades's natural water flow has been altered to civilize Florida, civilization is attempting to alter the wetlands again, this time to save the Everglades. Read more

Administration & management Mission: possible

Few public utilities look at the long-term “big picture.” Strategic plans look beyond those capital improvements and focus on other critical issues that a municipal utility must plan for. A strategic plan defines the mission of the utility and the issues that are critical to its success, and develops strategies to address those issues. Read more

Scrutinizing your sewer Wastewater collection Scrutinizing your sewer

Sewer utilities can improve performance and reverse the aging process by implementing buried infrastructure management (BIM), a systematic planning process that allows them to leverage resources to maximize the immediate and long-term benefits of every action. Read more

Wastewater treatment Tight squeeze

Membrane filtration isn't just for big cities. Two small water districts are using the decade-old technology to combat discharge requirements and prepare for growth. Read more

The price of pollution The price of pollution

Keeping up with federal water-pollution standards wasn't too onerous in the 1970s, when events like Earth Day made it politically expedient to turn on the federal spigot. But standards keep getting tougher. Read more

Awards salute post-tensioning triumphs News & Views: Awards Awards salute post-tensioning triumphs

The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) has recognized a number of roads, bridges, and other construction projects with its 2006 PTI Awards. Read more

News & Views: Rules & Regulations Corps adopts drainage standards

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has adopted new guidelines requiring that all precast concrete used in drainage structures come from plants certified by the National Precast Concrete Association. Read more

Dam good flood prevention News & Views: Design & Construction Dam good flood prevention

A new dam in Wise County, Va., makes use of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) as a flood-fighting structure. Read more

Hurting for dirt? News & Views: Construction Hurting for dirt?

At Xtradirt.com, city managers can post ads calling for someone to take surplus fill dirt, sand, gravel, recycled concrete, and asphalt off their hands, or post a call for needed material. Read more


News and events from the Public Works field. Read more

Water well done News & Views: Awards Water well done

The 2006 Competitiveness Awards, bestowed by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA, applauds water systems that get their job done brilliantly. Read more

How well can you juggle? Editorial How well can you juggle?

Managing rapid expansion requires a unique skill set. But so does meeting the needs of communities that don't lie in the path of growth. When budgets decline, your customers expect the same level of service. Read more

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