May 2006 Table of Contents

Engineering and environmental equilibrium Engineering and environmental equilibrium

River crossing restoration projects are happening all over the country. What many public works departments may not be aware of is that they are not the only entities interested in replacing the infrastructure. Projects like this represent a unique partnership opportunity among local entities, conservation boards, and state and federal agencies—and forging those bonds to pursue them could potentially open previously untapped sources of funding. Read more

Pungent pest control Pungent pest control

One Chicago suburb is fortifying its relentless mosquito-abatement efforts with a weapon you'd be more likely to find in an Italian kitchen than inside an insecticide sprayer. Read more

Solid waste products May 2006

A run-down on the latest of solid waste products Read more

Lawn care equipment Making the cut

Avoiding slip-ups when choosing your lawn care equipment. Read more

Orange county commits to alternative-fuel vehicles Orange county commits to alternative-fuel vehicles

For the public works department in California's Orange County, the move to alternative-fuel vehicles is a reality. Read more

Asphalt paving & repair The asphalt QC challenge

Over the past 20 years or so, the majority of state DOTs have transferred primary responsibility for quality control of asphalt materials over to the producers doing the work. But state agencies nevertheless know that to a large extent, the buck stops with them when it comes to quality assurance. Read more

Asset management Success in the sewer

As Reno, Nevada, grew over the past decade, the strain on its municipal sewage system grew as well. That's when the city's sanitation engineering division stepped in. Read more

Solid waste collection & disposal Hallowed ground

The good news is that more public works departments are handling this Hazardous Household Waste appropriately. The bad news is that nearly one-third of PUBLIC WORKS survey respondents still do not collect HHW of any kind. Read more

Getting along Special report Getting along

Elected officials can drive you crazy. They all want to get their two cents in on how your public works department should operate. However, there are ways to work together in harmony and ensure your operation continues to run smoothly. Read more

How to choose a sewer cleaner Ideas & Opinions / Fleets How to choose a sewer cleaner

Nick Woodhead, the President of U.S. Jetting, weighs in with some sound advice on the right equipment for your sewer cleaning job. Read more


Public Works news from around the country. Read more

Project harmony Editorial Project harmony

The theme of many stories that apply to the public works arena is that of cooperation. Perhaps the best recent illustration of a story that epitomizes that cooperation is the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast. Read more

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