December 2006 Table of Contents

Getting to the root of the issue Getting to the root of the issue

A Gardena, Calif., company has come up with a solution that helps sidewalks and trees coexist peacefully. Read more

PW Solutions and Products December 2006

The latest products for public works. Read more

Traffic safety and control equipment

The latest in traffic control and safety equipment. Read more

Vehicle Lifts

The latest in vehicle maintenance lifts. Read more

Grace under pressure Grace under pressure

Custom-made manhole risers stand the test of time and traffic. Read more

ADA compliance Ramping up

While cities are working to make sidewalks more accessible, many are learning that their curb ramps don't comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This article, the second in a three-part series, discusses product options. Part three will cover real-world examples. Read more

Stormwater regulations Phase II: Now what?

Your municipality is in the midst of its first NPDES Phase II permit. What should you expect for the next one? Read more

Heaping the benefits Landfill operation & ownership Heaping the benefits

While farming out services like water treatment has become nearly as common as a new Starbucks, landfills are one area in which public ownership still dominates. According to the National Solid Wastes Management Association, two thirds of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills remain in the hands of municipal, regional, and state agencies. One reason: Municipal solid waste departments are joining together, finding that there's strength in numbers. Read more

Wastewater Collection Ahead of the flow

Hydraulic modeling is great for predicting potential system failures, but nothing beats data from the field. Building flow-monitoring services into the initial phases of a sewer project averts costly repairs down the road. Read more

2006 Department of the Year

Four cities earn top honors in our second annual Department of the Year award program. A jury of their peers says these departments raise the standard of excellence for themselves, their communities, and their profession. Read more

The tyranny of technology Ideas & Opinions The tyranny of technology

Are we better off than previous generations, both personally and professionally? Technology is wonderful and invaluable, no doubt about that. But it doesn't come without its baggage. Read more

Build it right News & Views Build it right

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) offers a report that lays out the types of construction materials used in the successful building and rehabilitating of bridges, as required by SAFETEA-LU. Read more

Fostering future engineers News & Views Fostering future engineers

The U.S. EPA has awarded $420,000 in grants to 42 student teams to research and develop sustainable environmental solutions. Read more

Water treatment plant lauded News & Views Water treatment plant lauded

Water treatment company Severn Trent Services has honored the Ralph Brennan Water Treatment Plant in Daytona Beach, Fla., for switching from gaseous chlorine disinfection to using onsite sodium hypochlorite-generating technology to disinfect water for the city's 100,000 residents. Read more

News & Views Texas team wins water challenge

For the second year in a row, the Water Environment Association of the Texas Trinity River Authority Central Regional Wastewater System (CReWSers) won the Operations Challenge at WEFTEC, an annual water-quality trade show. Read more

Bye-bye, blue bags News & Views Bye-bye, blue bags

Windy City denizens were surprised when Mayor Richard Daley announced that, after more than a decade, the city would be abandoning the blue-bag recycling program. Read more

News & Views News Briefs December 2006

Brief news from the public works field. Read more

Down & Dirty: The All Toilet Edition December 2006 Skewed Views Down & Dirty: The All Toilet Edition December 2006

Brief items about toilets. Read more

From moo juice to mojo Skewed Views From moo juice to mojo

Milk: it does a body good. And, thanks to new ultra-clean electricity generation technology, it'll help out a California wastewater plant, too. Read more

The more things change... Editorial The more things change...

Regardless of who's in the House, you're keeping your house in order. Read more

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