April 2006 Table of Contents

Rerouting the flow Rerouting the flow

For municipalities facing the difficult task of improving their wastewater infrastructure, pumping systems are critical. Read more

Eliminate pollutant discharge Eliminate pollutant discharge

As part of most programs that require stormwater permits, a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) must be developed and implemented to reduce or eliminate pollutants from industrial activities and construction sites. Read more

Diving into chemistry Diving into chemistry

Most common problems with pool water chemistry can be attributed to five factors: free available chlorine residual, total chlorine residual, pH, total alkalinity, or calcium hardness. Fortunately, each factor can be corrected easily through careful monitoring, testing, and managing. Read more

Reassessing Ranney Wells Reassessing Ranney Wells

Ranney wells have come a long way since Leo Ranney installed the first horizontal collector well in the 1920s. These high-capacity wells offer an alternative to fields with many vertical wells. Read more

Lengthening Tank Life Lengthening Tank Life

Knowing a few important aspects of concrete restoration and integrating them into the construction process will help ensure long-term coating performance and substrate protection. Read more

Manage traffic via innovative signal control Manage traffic via innovative signal control

Three relatively simple measures have been used by transportation officials to improve traffic flow through intersections, reducing congestion: adaptive signal control, signal preemption/priority for transit and emergency vehicles, and advanced signal timing. Read more

Signs of success Signs of success

Implementing an automated asset management system can be overwhelming for any organization, regardless of its size or number of assets. For the Wisconsin DOT(WisDOT), implementing a new sign management process was a major undertaking that delivered many benefits. Read more

GIS streamlines life-saving data

Geographical information systems (GIS) can help save lives by getting details about the emergency site to police officers, fire rescue teams, and emergency medical services. Read more

Should you automate? Should you automate?

Collection of solid waste and recyclables accounts for an average of 50% of municipal solid waste (MSW) management system costs. Any reduction in collection costs can have a major impact on the overall budget, and automated refuse collection is one solution. Read more

Fighting winter storms Fighting winter storms

Over the past two decades, the evolution of geographic information systems (GIS) has helped a growing number of public works and transportation agencies improve efficiencies and identify potential problems in services delivered to citizens. Read more

Setting the groundwork Setting the groundwork

Regular care and maintenance of any landscape can have a profound, positive impact on its appearance. What separates effective grounds managers from the rest of the pack is how well they use the resources available to them. Read more

Evaluating lifetime pumping costs Evaluating lifetime pumping costs

Despite today's access to advanced technologies and superior products, collapses, overflows, and other costly events continue to occur. Money that could be directed toward building new infrastructure gets diverted, sometimes to more visible projects. The solution, or at least part of it, resides in sound investing today in solutions that will last a lifetime and beyond. Read more

Porous pavements move stormwater efficiently

Porous asphalt pavements with stone recharge beds are rapidly gaining popularity as major components of a storm-water management system. These pavement/stormwater systems are designed to reduce peak and total volume of runoff and also are effective in removing total suspended solids. Read more

Is soil-cement right for you? Is soil-cement right for you?

Stabilized pavement bases, such as soil-cement and cement-treated base, have provided economical, long-lasting pavement foundations for more than 70 years. Read more

Repair or replacement Repair or replacement

The key is understanding the asphalt life cycle and how roadways deteriorate. Combine this understanding with an effective pavement life-cycle management (PLCM) approach and roadway managers can save thousands, if not millions, in roadway repair or replacement costs. Read more

Making urban forestry thrive Making urban forestry thrive

Given the financial impacts, safety concerns are typically the strongest selling point for an urban forestry program. But there are other reasons. Read more

The next generation of public works The next generation of public works

The most pressing issue facing public works departments is the shrinking pool of talent from which to draw the work-force of the future. Several key factors make the issue of succession management especially critical over the next three to five years. Read more

Optimize your preventive maintenance Optimize your preventive maintenance

A solid preventive maintenance program can help public works fleet managers keep vehicle repair costs and down-time to a minimum, but an inefficient, poorly designed program can cost time and money. Read more

How to Select RECPs How to Select RECPs

Land, nature, and weather often challenge site engineers, consultants, agencies, contractors, and other construction professionals. The magnitude of the problem of uncontrolled soil movement by water and wind is often overlooked by those unfamiliar with the impact of erosion. Special care must be taken to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation. Read more

Lifting chain safety Lifting chain safety

Overhead lifting chain slings are useful tools for various types of overhead lifting operations and are frequently used for material handling in construction and manufacturing. Following industry guidelines is key to optimizing the use of these slings in a safe and effective manner. Read more

Power trip Power trip

Stocking generators should be right up there with water, food, and medical supplies in any first-aid action plan. Read more

Polymer overlays lengthen bridge life Polymer overlays lengthen bridge life

Originally offered more than two decades ago, polymer bridge overlays slowly have been gaining wide acceptance as a viable alternative to more standard bridge construction and rehabilitation materials. Read more

Durability by design Durability by design

Neoprene bearing pads are commonly used in bridges due to their durability, simple details, and maintenance-free qualities. Read more

A woman's place is in the field A woman's place is in the field

Ethyl Ann Hansen joined the California DOT (Caltrans) in the 1960s, at a time when the position most commonly held by women at the agency was secretary. Hansen, on the other hand, was an engineer. She spent her career improving transportation in the San Francisco Bay area. Forty years later, the number of women in engineering has increased, but you're still far more likely to find a “mister” in a civil engineering position than a “miss.” One far-reaching coalition is looking to narrow the gender gap. Read more

Products: Storm software & accessories April 2006

Mobile weather monitoring; snow response management; FEMA reporting module; integrated weather tracking; snowplow management; and more. Read more

Treatment plant forges strong process chain Products Solving Problems Treatment plant forges strong process chain

Because of several uncommon features of the 15-acre municipal plant's infrastructure, operators of the Fort Atkin-son, Wis., wastewater rreatment plan consider the reliability of pumps throughout the 2.7-mgd facility a top priority. They restored predictable performance at a critical link in the process chain with a retrofit in June 2001, replacing the original impellers of the Model 3127 pumps (manufactured by Trumbull, Conn.-based ITT Flygt) with Model 488 “N” impellers. The replacement impellers, derived from the new generation of N pump technology, maintain high efficiency even during long run times. As a result, the pumps draw less electricity because the motors are not bogged down by clogs. Read more

Gunite offers quick fix in sewer Gunite offers quick fix in sewer

Every sewer line repair job contains an element of the unknown. Because work is done below ground, surprises inevitably occur once the site is accessed—and some surprises are bigger than others. In New Jersey, the Middlesex County Utilities Authority found more than they bargained for when they began repairing part of a 2200-foot-long sewer pipeline in February 2004. Two-thirds of the pipe had deteriorated from microbiologically induced corrosion, discovered during routine maintenance. The repair solution: Sauereisen's Underlayment No. F-120 gunite formulation, because it would enable the pipe to be repaired from the inside, without excavation. Read more

Backhoes go high-tech Backhoes go high-tech

Most of the backhoe-loader manufacturers have been busy lately improving their new product offerings. We take a closer look at: new M Series 2 backhoe-loaders from Case; Caterpillar's E-Series, a three-machine lineup of backhoes introduced at this year's World of Concrete Show; and Terex's TX970B backhoe-loader, introuced to the North American market last year. Read more

Constituent relations/pipelines Water woes

As part of its role as program manager and engineering consultant to Houston's Surface Water Transmission Program, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. (LAN), Houston, has collaborated closely with the city's Design Branch on a series of emergency repairs to large-diameter water pipelines. During three catastrophic failures, they developed a unique contact management solution to meet the demands of such repair projects. Read more

Solid waste collection & disposal Storm aftermath

In most towns, solid waste personnel have collection down to a science. Unfortunately, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Hurricanes, blizzards, heavy rains, and other severe weather events can gum up an otherwise smooth collection operation and make a mess of things. In addition to regular curbside collection, disasters can snarl your municipality's streets and roads with tree branches, trash, and other materials. All of this has to be dealt with to prevent traffic headaches, health risks, and phone calls from disgruntled citizens who want the trash and materials taken away—now. Read more

From peat to pavement Roadway Design, Construction & Maintenance From peat to pavement

Not long ago, farmers who hauled their crops to market built new roads using nearby materials. So it was with a road now called County Trunk Highway (CTH) S in northwestern Racine County, Wis. The north-south highway connects the village of Wind Lake with CTH K to the south, a distance of about 3 miles. The material at hand: sod, with some gravel and granular substances added for strength, before the whole thing was paved over with asphalt. Here's how Racine County repaired and renovated to bring the road up to modern standards. Read more

Water Treatment Getting the lead out

Elevated levels of lead in Washington, D.C.'s drinking water became national news in 2004, reviving interest in a public health issue that had largely faded from the media spotlight since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) in 1991. Although most utilities continue to comply with the lead regulations without too much difficulty, others are discovering that changes made to comply with other regulatory requirements can affect lead levels in unforeseen ways. Read more

Special report Coming together

One of the primary reasons public works employees join a union is the strong contracts for benefits and other perks. Read the results of this and other aspects of unionized work forces, as PUBLIC WORKS shares results of its recent union survey. Read more

Public works leaders should take a hike Ideas & Opinions Public works leaders should take a hike

PUBLIC WORKS Associate Editor Jenni Spinner asks: How often How often do you get out to see your town? Have you ever left the comfort of your office or truck cab to get out to take a good look at the town you serve? If you haven't, you're not getting the big-picture view—the one your constituents see on a daily basis. Read more

News & Views: Awards Environmental excellence awards announced

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE) has announced the winners of its 2006 Excellence in Environmental Engineering Awards. Read more

Festival to rock Chicago a second time News & Views: Community Festival to rock Chicago a second time

After last year's Lollapalooza concert and arts festival proved successful, the Parkways Foundation arm of the Chicago Park District is bringing an expanded version of the event back to Grant Park this August. Read more

Timber bridges garner awards News & Views: Design & Construction Timber bridges garner awards

Several public bridge projects across the country won recognition in the 2004–2005 Timber Bridge Awards. The awards, sponsored by the American Institute of Timber Construction, the Engineered Wood Association, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service's Wood in Transportation Program, bring attention to the benefits of using timber in bridge construction. Read more

World's best water flows in Ohio towns News & Views: Community World's best water flows in Ohio towns

Two Ohio towns captured gold and silver medals at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in February. Founded in 1991, the contest is designed to recognize the best-tasting municipal and commercially available water. Read more

Seven-day public works salute News & Views: Associations Seven-day public works salute

The American Public Works Association (APWA) will lead the industry in celebrating National Public Works Week May 21–27. Read more

City leaders voice top concerns News & Views: Community City leaders voice top concerns

The results of the National League of Cities' (NLC) annual survey of municipal officials, released in March, indicate that traffic congestion, infrastructure, and emergency services rank among the top issues on the minds of the country's city managers. Read more

News & Views PUBLIC WORKS Briefs April 2006

Pervious concrete forum; Drinking water poster available; Tools for small water systems; a correction. Read more

News & Views APWA North American Snow Conference

This annual American Public Works Association conference—held in Peoria, Ill., April 30–May 3—offers public works crews like the team in Old Orchard Beach a range of tools help them improve their efforts to fight winter weather. Read more

Maine DPW takes snow in stride News & Views: Operations Maine DPW takes snow in stride

Snow is a simple substance, but it can be a powerful force. If enough of it attacks a city at once, it can bring traffic to a crawl, collapse roofs—even bring down a mayor. Read more

Safe houses' guard Louisiana water workers News & Views: Operations Safe houses' guard Louisiana water workers

In Katrian-ravaged Jefferson Parish, contractors and parish leaders are rushing to construct “safe rooms” at 20 pumping stations in the parish—a move that can protect both lives and property. Read more

What's next Editorial What's next

Jason Meyers, the new editor in chief of PUBLIC WORKS magazine, introduces himself to a new audience. Read more

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