November 2005 Table of Contents

Geographic information system software and accessories Geographic information system software and accessories

The American Red Cross is turning to GIS technology to aid in relief efforts following hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Computer mapping, spatial analysis, and GIS Web services have helped the agency manage and distribute food, clothing, and housing. In addition, workers have used the technology to set up shelters, manage staff housing, and provide meals. Read more

Flying high Flying high

Imagine you're adding a runway at a busy international airport. Then, imagine doing it while saddled with the most stringent environmental impact mitigation permits issued in state history. You would be managing the third-runway project at Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport in Washington, an endeavor many involved consider one of the most complex public works projects in the state, if not the country. Read more

Rock-steady railway Rock-steady railway

As an officer of the Deep Foundations Institute, I have had the opportunity to travel the globe and meet engineers from around the world. We have found common ground in our engineering challenges and shared countless ideas and experiences, to the mutual benefit of our respective clients. Read more

Feeling ‘Down in the Dumps'? Feeling ‘Down in the Dumps'?

Cheer up. Spending an afternoon being down in the dumps isn't nearly as bad as you might think. After all, with trash galore, sewers, and waste streams to visit, how could you feel low? Read more

Hitting the road Hitting the road

Tom Webber, street supervisor for the city of Sacramento, Calif., is responsible for line striping and legend marking for 2750 lane miles of city roadway. This includes 600 crosswalks and more than 150 school zones. Since 1999, an average of 10 intersections have been added annually to the city plan, with growth expected to continue. Webber faced a dilemma—managing a steep annual workload increase without adding personnel. Read more

Looking into manholes Infrastructure construction & maintenance Looking into manholes

Manholes are the most important infrastructure objects for both sanitary and storm sewer systems in any new development or subdivision. To maintain unobstructed flow, they must be constructed properly. Proper inspection ensures long life and protects the city or county from future problems. Read more

Asset Management Keeping costs manageable

Maintaining infrastructures at sustainable levels Read more

All Roohanirad Managing transportation assets wisely All Roohanirad

transportation section head and acting director of public works, Jackson County, Mo. Read more

Jack Dangermond Mapping the world Jack Dangermond

president, ESRI Read more

Menachem Elimelech Forward thinking in water research Menachem Elimelech

chair, Department of Chemical Engineering and Director, Environmental Engineering, Yale University Read more

Rebecca Head Making water safe and secure Rebecca Head

co-chair, Water Security Working Group Read more

Shirley Franklin Mayor digs into city's sewer problem Shirley Franklin

mayor, Atlanta Read more

Gary Emerson Rising Costs Fuel Innovative Solution Gary Emerson

fleet maintenance manager, St. Johns County, Fla. Read more

Special Report 2005 Trendsetters

A lot has happened in the past year since we named our first 50 Trendsetters. The transportation bill passed (finally!). The Department of Homeland Security saw a changing of the guard. The standoff in Iraq continued. And 50 more people made a huge impact on the public works industry. Read more

Managing your PM program— cost-effectively Ideas & Opinions / Fleets Managing your PM program— cost-effectively

To make preventive maintenance (PM) cost effective, you need to strike a balance. Service intervals should be short enough to catch problems and prevent breakdowns, but if you can stretch out service intervals, you may save some money. Read more

News & Views: Operations Leaky pipes drain millions
Truck sales expected to grow News & Views: Operations Truck sales expected to grow
APWA taps new president News & Views: Associations APWA taps new president
Project converts grease to energy News & Views: Operations Project converts grease to energy
News & Views: Design & Construction Delivery alternatives reduce construction costs
Innovation improves water quality News & Views: Design & Construction Innovation improves water quality
Work-zone safety applauded News & Views: Awards Work-zone safety applauded
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